Back to School Party

BYOB (Bring Your Own Banana)

Each year we have a back to school bash and each child brings his/her own banana. We either serve individual banana splits or make a giant banana split to share.

We play all kinds of games using bananas and give away school supplies as favors and prizes! (more…)

Back to School Ideas

At our back to school party for the juniors we gave each child a packet of school supplies (such as paper, pencil boxes, glue, other larger items). For pencils, erasers, candy, treats, even certificates for ice cream and kids meals, and other smaller items: I wrapped each in Aluminum foil (tightly), then dipped each in a large bowl of plaster of paris. (more…)

Children’s Ministry Lesson Ideas for Freedom and Liberty Celebrations

Countries around the world celebrate national holidays of freedom, liberty and independence.  Some of the names include: Independence Day, Canada Day, Australia Day, New Zealand Day, Confederation Day, National Day, Bastille Day, Merdeka Day, Liberation Day, and St. Patrick’s Day.  There is a list of names and dates for each country at

How can you, the Children’s Ministry Leader, use your nation’s celebration to proclaim the gospel? (more…)

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Children’s Day Sunday School – Children’s Church Bible Lessons

Are you looking for creative Bible lessons to use in your Sunday School and Children’s Church services for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Children’s Day?

Children’s Ministry Today has a great selection of lessons and games for your Christian Church holiday services at the website.

Each Mother’s, Father’s, and Children’s Day lesson is excitingly designed to powerfully instill strong children’s Bible lesson truths in a motivationally fun interactive way.

These Sunday School and Children’s Church lessons have wonderful games and attention-keeping ways of teaching spiritual truths to children. Best of all, you can download these lessons and games.

What’s the Word for Mother’s Day? – REMARKABLE LESSON

This is a REMARKABLE Mother’s Day lesson that parodies one of the most popular apps our kids are playing on their iPods, iPads, & smartphones titled “What’s the Word? – 4 Pics, 1 Word”.

“What’s the Word for Mother’s Day?” gives your kid’s ministry a brilliant lesson created by 19 games in 4 rounds that teach incredible Biblical truths about “Mom” to your kids!

Your kids will soar in their appreciation, love, and respect for Mom as they learn that: (more…)

Mother’s Day Prayer Coupons. Younger child craft idea.

Instead of the old idea of Mother’s day coupons for a free hug, or doing a certain chore, etc. try making a small booklet where the child, or an adult helping a small child can fill in things they will pray for their mother. Add drawings and a picture of the child to make it special and unique.

For example: (more…)

Mother’s Day Song

(To the tune of Jesus Loves Me)

God made mommy this I know, for the Bible tells me so,

When I’m scared she holds me near, if I cry she wipes my tear.

(chorus) (more…)