Olympic-themed Kidmin Lessons for Children’s Church & Sunday School

Children’s Ministry Today has some “Awesomely Interactive” Olympic-themed lessons for your kidmin services!

Each complete lesson features some wonderfully creative ideas with a tremendous parallel to the Olympic games and are designed to powerfully instill strong Bible lesson truths in a motivationally fun interactive way.

There are several to choose from or you can download the entire set!  We’ve posted them on the CMIV at:  http://childrensministryvault.com/ministry-lessons-ideas-training/olympic-themed-kidmin-lessons/

Are You Looking for Olympic-Themed Kid’s Ministry Lessons?

Children’s Ministry Today, ChildrensMinistry.org, has several AWESOME lessons themed around the Olympic games!  Your kids can THRILLINGLY participate in Wonderfully Wacky Olympic Events – Balloon Bonanza, Pom-Pom Plunder, Jell-O Jest, The Feather Fly like: Pack-a-Backpack, Trendy Trousseau Relay, Tumblers of Truth Relay, and Mighty Man Cram-Jam Relay!


Using the Olympic Games to Teach Spiritual Truths

Using the Olympic Games is a creative way to teach powerful spiritual truths from the Bible to your Sunday School and Children’s Church groups!

There are many scriptures which lend well to developing full Sunday School lesson and Children’s Church services along the theme of doing your best, finishing the race, etc…

Have you ever considered using Biblical Characters themselves as examples of Olympic-type competitors?  How about Elijah, the greatest cross-country runner ever? (more…)

Barefoot Olympics

On a week when our Bible story was Jesus washing the disciples feet, we decided to celebrate that in a special way. We advertised the Barefoot Olympics for our Sunday morning kids service. When the kids arrived, we had games set up that all had something to do with feet, and they all had to check their shoes at the door. Each child received a paper foot necklace and at each game they played, they got a foot sticker on their necklace. Some of the games were as follows…Barefoot Basketball, with 2 big trashcans, chairs for each team spread out and facing their own baskets (Trashcans) and a huge ball… (more…)

Crazy Olympics – Summer Children’s Ministry Activity


Here are ideas to run a Crazy Olympics. Boys and girls can be involved in dreaming up more events, which they think would be fun!

Bicycle Relay – Three people for each team. Two hold right or left hand (facing each other). The third person straddles the hands. All three run to goal and return. If bike breaks, fix and continue. (more…)

The Christian Olympics

By Ben and Abigail Springer

(for two puppets, brother and sister, 10yrs & 8yrs respectively)

Max: (Saying the Lord’s prayer as fast as he can)

Maggie: Whatcha doing Max?

Max: I’m practicing speed-praying, hey, how loud can you pray?

Maggie: I don’t know, I don’t yell like some people. Since Jesus lives in my heart, I know he hears me even when I just think a prayer. Why? (more…)

Children’s Ministry Lesson Ideas for Freedom and Liberty Celebrations

Countries around the world celebrate national holidays of freedom, liberty and independence.  Some of the names include: Independence Day, Canada Day, Australia Day, New Zealand Day, Confederation Day, National Day, Bastille Day, Merdeka Day, Liberation Day, and St. Patrick’s Day.  There is a list of names and dates for each country at http://www.kidsturncentral.com/holidays/glossary/defindependence.htm.

How can you, the Children’s Ministry Leader, use your nation’s celebration to proclaim the gospel? (more…)