Back to School Party

BYOB (Bring Your Own Banana)

Each year we have a back to school bash and each child brings his/her own banana. We either serve individual banana splits or make a giant banana split to share.

We play all kinds of games using bananas and give away school supplies as favors and prizes! (more…)

Back to School Ideas

At our back to school party for the juniors we gave each child a packet of school supplies (such as paper, pencil boxes, glue, other larger items). For pencils, erasers, candy, treats, even certificates for ice cream and kids meals, and other smaller items: I wrapped each in Aluminum foil (tightly), then dipped each in a large bowl of plaster of paris. (more…)

Children’s Ministry Lesson Ideas for Freedom and Liberty Celebrations

Countries around the world celebrate national holidays of freedom, liberty and independence.  Some of the names include: Independence Day, Canada Day, Australia Day, New Zealand Day, Confederation Day, National Day, Bastille Day, Merdeka Day, Liberation Day, and St. Patrick’s Day.  There is a list of names and dates for each country at

How can you, the Children’s Ministry Leader, use your nation’s celebration to proclaim the gospel? (more…)

Gilgal – Place of a Victory

Scriptures to study: Joshua 3: 13 – 17; Joshua 5: 9

Objects needed: two equal blue colored strips of pasteboard (15×50 cm.)

Best for grades: 1 – 4

Group size: up to 6 kids

The message: Pick up two volunteers, facing them one another. Hand them the strips. Let the volunteers put the strips on the floor one to another as their ends may coincide. Say: I’m sure most of you know the Jordan River. This blue colored strip represents it. (more…)

Father/Daughter Cake Decorating Contest

This is a great way for Dad’s to get an opportunity to have a fun outing with their daughter(s). A great time to do an event like this is a few weeks before Valentines Day. It makes the girls feel really special. A similar event can be run with Mothers and sons. (Another possible time in the calendar could be around Mother’s or Father’s Day-a nice twist from the typical seasonal banquets those times of year.) We give the room a festive, party atmosphere with bright, colorful balloons at each table. (more…)

Reflections of the Father

Text (Matthew 5:45a) “that you may be children of your Father in Heaven” (New International Version)

Thought starters
Did you wish your Dad a Happy Fathers Day today?

Do you ever wonder who you look like, your Mother or your Father? Do you ever hear the term “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree?” Or “a chip of the old block?” That is a comment made when someone thinks you act or look like your Father. When an apple falls to the ground it falls below, close to the truck of the tree. You don’t fall far from your tree at home I’m sure. (more…)

Spectacular Summer Event Days that will knock your socks off!!

Picture yourself wearing a “Crazy Hat” while walking “Backwards” balancing a “Marshmallow” on the end of a straw trying to avoid it being “Splashed” off before you reach the finish line!

Discover some of the most creative “BIG DAY” ideas to use in your Sunday School and Kids’ Church services this summer! (Marshmallow Day, Splish Splash Day, Crazy Hat Day, iSpy Kids Day, Bubble Day, Backwards Day, Breakaway Day, and MORE!)

Children’s Ministry Today has an OUSTANDING selection of Exhilarating Special Event Days packed full of “knock your socks off” activities with life-transforming Truth for your Church’s summer activities at the website.