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Fishing For Men

Two clowns illustrate what Jesus meant when he said, I will make you fishers of men.<><
by Pastor Paul Anglemyer

Participants: Two Clowns, Audience
(5 minutes)

Props: Yard stick, paper heart, two fishing poles, sandwich in a sandwich bag, gummy worms, sign that says “Fishing For Men”, items to pull out of the tackle box.

Before the skit begins a person walks across the stage holding the sign which reads “Fishing For Men”

Clown 1 comes on stage holding a fishing pole and a tackle box and begins casting. There is no bait on the hook and she soon becomes bored, leans on elbows, yawns and taps her fingers. Soon she begins looking through her tackle box pulling out a giant spoon, fork, fish and scissors. At last Clown 1 pulls out the Bible. She opens the Bible and discovers a heart. She baits the hook with the heart and casts it out. Clown 2 walks by and is hooked after putting up a little fight he is reeled in. Clown 1 gives Clown 2 the fishing pole and he proceeds to fish catching participants. Meanwhile Clown 1 baits another fishing pole first with a sandwich and casts it out to the audience. The people who are caught are brought forward and given a hug. Clown 1 and Clown 2 continue to fish using gummy worms as bait. After the last person is caught one of the clowns produces a yard stick to see if the length of the last one caught is correct.

by Pastor Paul Anglemyer

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