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A Little Bit Is TOOOOO Much (skit)


A little bit of sin is too much (Joshua 7, Hebrews 12:1)


electric mixer on a stand, large clear mixing bowl (clear is best), extension cord with the receptacle end cut off, large plastic tarp or plastic shower curtain, clear dishwashing liquid, eye dropper, small bottle


Set the electric mixer on a table or stand and conceal the electric cord supplying power to the mixer. Make sure the plastic tarp or plastic shower curtain is on the floor to catch the water and bubbles. Tape the extension cord with the receptacle cut off, onto the mixer so that it appears to be the cord supplying electricity to the mixer. It is best to have the “dummy” cord in front and visible. Fill the mixing bowl with water, then saturate the water with the clear dishwashing liquid. Make sure that you mix the solution of water and dishwashing liquid carefully so that you do not get any bubbles on the surface of the water. In order for the demonstration to be effective, there can be no evidence of soap in the water.


“Hello everybody! Today I would like to share one of my new inventions with you. It’s called SUPERSUDS!!! Yes, that’s right, SUPERSUDS is the world’s most concentrated soap solution. Let me show you how it works. I will take this eye dropper and put 2 drops of SUPERSUDS into this mixing bowl filled with water. Now, to show you just how powerful SUPERSUDS can be, I’ll turn on the mixer and watch what happens. (At this point, turn the mixer on a low speed and watch all the bubbles start to overrun the bowl) “Isn’t that amazing!! Two drops and I get all of these suds! Now we can turn this thing off.” (At this point, instead of turning the mixer off, speed up the motor) OH NO!!!! Excuse me while I turn this thing off.” (Again, in your own clown-like way, you appear to be frantically trying to turn the mixer off, while increasing the speed of the motor.) “Ah Ha!! I’ve got it!” (You walk around to the side of the mixer and unplug the “dummy” cord from the mixer. Do several double takes between the cord you are holding in your hand and the mixer. Play this for all it is worth. Another idea is to take a pair of scissors and cut the cord once…then twice…then several times before you unplug it from the mixer. Finally when you have created “maximum mess-em-ups ,” unplug the real electric cord. Try to do this so that it appears that the mixer stopped by itself.)

“What a mess! Wow! All that from two drops of SUPERSUDS!!! It looks like a little bit was too much! Hey wait a minute, I just thought of something. Do you know what else you can have a little of, and still have too much? SIN! Is one little lie too much? Is a little bit of jealousy too much? Is a little bit of hate too much? Is a little bit of showing off too much? Is one unkind word too much? The Bible tells us that we are to work on things that are lovely, pure, and true. A little bit of anything that is not of God, even if it is just a little, (hold up an eye dropper) it’s a little too much!

Copyright © 1991 Rev. Randy Christensen

This sample lesson from the book “Solo Clown Ministry” is posted with permission..

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