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The Painters (skit)

Theme: God wants all men to repent, which means “to turn from sin and turn to God” (Acts 3:19).

Props: Paint tarps or plastic, buckets, paint rollers, brushes, clown paint clothes, a large rock.

Presentation: As the pastor is speaking, the clown comes fumbling in with all his paint supplies. Clown begins to spread out the tarps and plastic, becoming all tangled up. He finally succeeds in getting them in place.

Pastor mentions to the clown that “… the service is in progress. Can’t this wait?” Clown responds that this is the perfect time for him to accomplish his task. Pastor asks what that task is. Clown responds, “Last Sunday, didn’t you say that everyone should come down to the altar and ‘re-paint’? So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’m going to re-paint the altar!”

Pastor proceeds to explain to the clown what “repent” means [turn from sin to God, turn 180 degrees, go in the completely opposite direction] The clown understands.

Before exiting, the clown hands a paint roller to the pastor since he no long needs it. Clown notices a rock on the floor, picks it up and gives it to the pastor as well. Clown comments, “There pastor, now you can say that you had a ‘rock n’ roller’ in church today”. Clown exits.

NOTE: Imagine the fun of doing this as a multiple clown skit! Have you ever seen the Painter Skit performed in the circus? The clowns accidentally knock each other over with a ladder. They eventually get in a fight and “paint” (thick soap water) goes everywhere. You won’t want things to become messy in a sanctuary, but let your mind travel that route to think of other fun things that may become a part of this skit.

Copyright © 1990 Rev. Randy Christensen

This sample lesson from the book “Developing Clown Ministry Programs” is posted with permission.

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