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Effective Gospel Skits

Skits are the primary avenue which clowns use in a performance setting. Usually the skit is built around a gimmick (a prop of some kind). In writing a Christian skit, use an object lesson or magical illustra­tion in the place of the gimmick. Allow the object lesson to be the basis for the skit. The clown may illustrate the truth of the lesson by interacting with the ob­ject. For example, using the scripture found in Psalm 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path,” have a clown enter the darkened room with a flashlight. All of a sudden the flashlight goes off and a loud crash is heard. The main lights are turned on revealing the clown entangled in a pile of chairs and rope, etc. The lesson is then stated: “When we are not walking in the light of God’s Word, it is easy to get ourselves into a mess!”Sometimes skits are based on imitation of a different character. A clown may even imitate the “ideal” Christian, pointing out areas that need some work.

You may tell Bible stories or parables having another clown pantomime them. Not all Bible stories can be told this way, but some can be illustrated very well. Imagine Daniel in the lion’s den, Jonah running away, or even the boy David going out to fight the giant.

This method is effective, but better yet is the teaching of the lesson in “clown terms.” For example: Instead of telling the story of the Good Samaritan, have a hobo clown represent the Samaritan and a whiteface represents the man who was robbed. In the beginning of the skit, the hobo invites the whiteface to accompany him to the circus. Of course the whiteface promptly refuses: He doesn’t want to be associated with a hobo. The whiteface is soon hit on the head with a sponge hammer and robbed by a few other clowns. Finally, after being ignored by other clowns, the hobo clown comes back on scene and rescues the whiteface, who is full of gratitude to him.

This is the best way to present Bible con­cepts. Yes, clown skits are a type of drama presentation, but they should be more than just a drama presentation in clown makeup. Make Bible stories “clown­ish” when you’re a clown. Jesus taught in the terms of his day. As clowns, we should teach in the realm of the clown. Strive to create that magical atmosphere in your skits—that magical atmosphere which only clowns can create.

Also, you may want to adapt a fairy tale to teach with. A great example is the story of “Three Little Pigs.” At the end of the story relate the scriptural truth, “We need to build our lives out of ma­terial that will last. We need to read our Bibles and pray if we want to be strong Christians and not be ‘blown over’ by the evil one.”

Copyright © 1986 Rev. Randy Christensen

This sample lesson from the book “Clowning for Christ” is posted with permission.

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