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Dr. Mel Practice – The Brain Transplant

Dr. Mel Practice is a crazy doctor who usually ends up messing up whatever he is doing.

Romans 12:2, “but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

The skit begins in the operating room where Dr. Mel Practice and his helper are standing over their patient. The patient is lying on the table covered by a sheet.

Dr. Mel Practice:
Hello Boys and girls I am so glad you have come today; my name is Dr. Mel Practice! Today we will be doing a Brain transplant.

(Sitting up) I thought you said this was going to be a minor routine procedure…I think I’ve changed my mind.

Dr. Mel Practice
Actually your mind hasn’t been changed yet…we will be getting to that shortly. Now don’t worry….The first thing we need to do is apply the anesthesia. (Helper hands Dr. Mel Practice a rolling pin)

(Ducking or dodging the rolling pin) Ahhh, what are you doing?

Dr. Mel Practice
Putting you to sleep of course…or would you rather me use this (Helper hands Dr. Mel Practice a huge syringe with a needle, the patient looks at the needle and passes out). Works every time!

Ok, boys and girls, those of you with weak stomachs might want to close your eyes as I open up the patience head and remove his brain. (Helper hands Dr. Mel Practice a can opener. Dr. Mel begins to pretend to open up the patience head – The sheet should be high enough so the kids don’t really see the patience head).

Ah, there we go and now to remove the brain. (Helper hands Dr. Mel Practice a pair of tongs. Dr. Mel proceeds to remove the brain from the patient. At this time Dr. Mel Practice begins squirting the children in the audience with the hidden squirt gun. It should appear that the water is coming from the patience head. Dr. Mel Practice also gets squirted in the face as he works. The helper wipes Dr. Mel Practice’s forehead.)

Ok, I have removed the brain (Dr. Mel Practice shows the kids the walnut.) And now for a new brain…(the helper hands Dr. Mel Practice the new brain made of play dough. Dr. Mel practice drops the brain unto the ground and then accidentally steps on it.) Oh my, this isn’t good. (whispers to the helper loud enough for this kids to hear) Do we have any other brains? (The helper hands him another brain).

All righty then, we will proceed with the brain transplant…Please everyone be very quite, this will take much concentration (the paitent should suddenly lift and drop his leg, and then lift and drop his arm)….and there it is done!

Now to wake up the patient (be creative in this – the patient sits up, shakes his head)
So, tell us how you feel (Patient looks at Dr. Mel Practice and begins barking and panting) Oh Dear

Helper :
Looks like he’s been transformed by the renewing of his mind

Dr. Mel Practice
Yes indeed

Leader comes out and begins to explain what the Apostle Paul actually meant when he wrote in Romans 12:2, “but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Dr. Mel Practice
The Brain Transplant Skit
By Pastor Paul Anglemyer

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