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The Fake Fruit Christian

Materials needed:
*One or two pieces of fruit that is obviously fake from a distance
*Several pieces of real fruit
*One piece of fake fruit that looks as much like real fruit as possible

One thing that I love to snack on is some fresh fruit. What’s your favorite kind? (if someone suggests the obviously fake fruit you have, take it out and pretend to offer it) Oh, you like watermelon? Want to try eating this one? No? Why not? Is it because it’s only three inches long, or that it’s made of wood? You’re right. No one wants to eat wooden (or plastic, paper, sponge, whatever you have…) fruit. Would any of you want this? (response)
I wouldn’t either. This would be much better. (take out a piece of real fruit) Would you rather have this? (response) How about this one? (continue with all the real fruit, kids responding yes to each one)
Without breaking rhythm, take out the piece of fake fruit that looks real. Or this one? (still a positive response)
Oh really? (Bang the fruit on the table, cut it in half, pass it around – something to show the kids it’s really fake)
Had you fooled on that one, didn’t I? I don’t blame you. With this first one, all of you knew right off that it was fake. It wasn’t so easy with this last one though. You know, this bag of fruit resembles alot of churches. The majority of the fruit was real. But there were a couple of pieces that obviously weren’t. Just like you may have some people in the church that show up once in a while, but it’s pretty obvious to most people they’re only putting on an act. But those weren’t the only two kinds of fruit I had. What about the last one? That one was just as fake as the first ones, but it looked more like the real thing. So much so, when you first saw it, you thought it WAS real. We have a few people like that in churches too. They might walk, talk, act, even think like a real Christian. They might have been acting so long they’ve even convinced themselves. But there’s one Person that can never be fooled by an imitation, no matter how good. So even if you may not fall into this category (hold up the obviously fake fruit) you still need to be sure your not in this one either (hold up the real looking fake) because people may not always be able to tell the difference, but God can always spot an imitation Christian.


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