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The Delivered Skit

need: spotlight, 2 tables, 3 chairs, Bailiff, Satan, Jesus, Clown, God’s voice
Set – 1 table stage left (angled) for Satan with papers; 1 table stage right (angled)for Jesus and clown; Bailiff stage left; spotlight center stage

(spotlight on)

Bailiff: (standing) All rise. Our Honorable Creator now presiding.

God: Be seated. Accuser, speak.

Satan: Our Honorable-the sinner (point to clown)started his downward path the moment he was born, by keeping his mom up all hours of the night for several months. At age 3, he stole a cookie from the cookie jar. At age 6, he punched a sweet (fold hands under chin and bat eyes) little girl in the eye. At age 9, he stole the answers to a test…and still didn’t pass. (laugh) At age 12, he smoked a cigarette. At age 15, he took his mom’s car without permission. (shaking head side to side) Tisk-tisk-tisk! And wrecked it! At age, (flip through papers) um…at age, ah! At age 18, he started dressing as a hideous creature (point and look disgusted at clown). He would make fun of disabled people by (walk like Charlie Chaplin) walking funny. He made babies cry. He tripped others that looked like him and encouraged people to laugh. As children begged him to stay, he would leave anyway. (wave bye-bye) Taunting them if you will.

God: Enough! Defender, you may now speak.

Jesus: (stand, walk toward center stage and lean over slightly) Hi dad.

God: Hi Son.

Jesus: I have no record of what the accuser speaks. I called the delivered at age 16. As he accepted me, my blood covered him. He then led a life of ministry, never denying me. This one (point to clown) is mine Father.

God: So be it. (spotlight out)

Jesus: (walk to clown-offer hand)

Clown: (take Jesus’ hand and stand)

Jesus/Clown: (walk off stage)

Bailiff: (leave stage)

Satan: (stand, kick air) I’ll get the next one! The next one’s mine Jesus! You hear me?

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  1. Tammy Clark says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this skit..(delivered)..My Sunday school class performed it Last Sunday, and they did such an outstanding job with it. It got a message across to the congregation, and the kids had a blast! Praising God for this site, and the ministry behind it.

  2. CMIV says:

    Thank you, Tammy! That is a MARVELOUS report! We pray the CMIV continues to be a blessing to you and your ministry! – Pastor Gary

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