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TP Tube doves

Used this craft to signify the doves that returned to Noah’s Ark. Read the story of Noah’s Ark and tell the children that God always keeps his promises.Supplies:

Toilet paper tubes (preferably white)
White paper to cover tubes (if not white)
White Coffee filters ( 2 for each dove)
Styrofoam balls
whole cloves
Yellow paper cut into 1″ diamond shape
2″ pieces of lightweight faux greenery
Glue or glue stick, scissors

Cut a slit about 1 1/2″ long into opposite sides of each TP tube (right about in the middle of each tube). Feed a coffee filter thru the slit and fluff out each side to form the wings. Wad up the middle of another coffee filter and stick into the end of each tube (using glue or glue stick) leaving rippled edge hanging out to form the tail. Glue ball to the other end for the head. Push cloves into ball for eyes. Fold and glue diamond shaped paper onto ball for beak. Glue greenery inside mouth.

by Sue Medellin

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