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Not So Heavenly Transportation – Salvation Message Sketch

Banner: Not So Heavenly Transportation ph: 1-800-4SINNER

set (banner hanging behind Announcer; Announcer stands by word “Not”)

Announcer: Are you looking for reliable transportation to Heaven? Call 1-800-4SINNER or come by to Not So Heavenly Transportation today!
We’ve got transportation for all…we have a:
Spider-that will allow you to crawl to Heaven
Thunderbird-to fly with a roar
Mustang-you can gallop into Heaven
Jaguar-to pound your way in
Ram-push through those pearly gates

For the adventurous souls, we have an:
Escort-to lead you in
Eclipse-so Heaven doesn’t see you coming
Trailblazer, Voyager, Endeavor, Mountaineer-for the explorer

We have the:
Element or Wrangler-for those who like to catch the prize

For the young-we have the Arcadia
For the twins-we have the Echo
For the elite-the Legacy, Infinity, and yes…you can obtain your very own Crown Victoria
If you are inline with other words-we have the Accord
And for those unfortunate souls, well…the Saab is for you.

So come down or call 1-800-4SINNER—We’re always open!

(deliver salvation message here)

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