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Build Noah’s Ark

This is a huge hit in any age group. And the kid’s will rember what you tought them, because they get to ues all their senses. You will need to purchase ricecrispy treats. You can get them in packs of 10 at Walmart stores. Packages of Twizzlers bites. Several packs of Hershey “Scoops”. And packages of animal cookies. You will also need small disposible plates, and hand wipes. Each child gets a plate, 1 ricecrispy treat, 4 twizzler bites, 1 hershey scoop, 2 animal cookies. Have each child unwrap the ricecrispy treat and instruct them to mold it into a boat, some will just prefer to keep it flat and just push in the corners. Then they take the 4 twizzler bites, you want the child to make a square in the center of the boat with their 4 twizzler bites. Next they place the hershey scoop with the edges facing down, on top of the 4 twizzler bites so it creates a roof to the boat. And then let them place their animals on their boats. And your done! Each child has built Noas Ark, and now they can eat it. Make sure your kids do not have allergic reactions to any of the food items. You can also have everyone pair up and build their Noah’s Ark in pairs and then share the boat. Less suger for everyone to eat :)!by Crista Bailey

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