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Bethany Bible Teaches the Books of the Bible (Puppet Skits)

We used this for our children’s church opening, and lots more. First, we found 66 large boxes (cereal box size) that open like a book-cereal boxes will work, if you tape the tops and cut the front panel to open up and close. We used boxes from a computer store that held hard drives-they were very strong and opened like a book sort of. We wrapped them in brown butcher paper, and wrote the name of each book of the bible on the “binding” end. We decorated them some, added a ribbon, etc. Then we built a huge book case out of scrap wood, big enough to hold all 66 books and sectioned so that we could divide them by Law, Poetry, etc.

Inside the “books” we placed little items that represented the stories in that book. Genesis was easy and full in no time, grapes, a toy horse, lion, fish, people paper dolls, a wax apple, a little coat of many colors, pictures of Egypt, stock of grain, endless ideas. And you can keep adding indefinitely. We used pages from Sunday school lessons, little crafts they did, just anything that you can pull out and will remind the kids of a story from that book.

I wrote Scripts for my puppet team to introduce the books, using our Bible puppet as the teacher. Each Sunday morning, at the beginning of kids church, Bethany Bible and her friends would introduce a section of the bible. The nice part is that we did not have to have all the books filled before we started teaching, in fact, we started with an empty shelf and added the books as we went. And we let the kids help us fill them. And still are. It’s something that all ages participate in, and they all get excited when they think of something to add to the box themselves. It’s also an activity that goes on indefinitely. There are dozens of games you can play, like one person chooses a book off the shelf and gets something out of it, and see who is the first one to tell the story that goes with the item. They make great rainy day activities, pull out an item, tell a story, extra time fillers, etc.

They add to the stories in any curriculum. AND-the giant books and bookcase really make the room look fun and inviting.

Some of the puppet skits that we used to introduce the different books will be posted here in the CMIV as a series. Puppet used live mic to allow for ad-libs and interaction with the audience. Puppets were behind stage and I was in front, guiding them.

Our Bethany voice had a slight sweet southern accent, and was excitable, and talked fast. Depending on your puppeteer, you can create your own personality for her. OR-make it Billy Bible. (I had girl puppeteers at the time)


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