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Appreciation Cards

Show your pastor and those in authority how much you appreciate their contributions in the church and in the community. Using glitter, card stock paper, pretty fancies, markers, ric rac and whatever you have that looks pretty, make a card showing them how much you appreciate them.There are many seniors and shut-ins that would benefit from receiving cards as well.

Buy some cardstock and give each child a folded in half cardstock card. Have them think about who they would like to give it to and what they would like to say. Have them think of the things that each person does and why it is good to have them around. Include these reasons in their card and have them decorate it with what you have gathered (glitter, beads, colored feathers, foam pieces, wood pieces, ribbon, colored tissue squares,wall paper scraps, nature items, etc.). Some may want to include a small handmade gift, which can be made the following week if time is needed. Handmade bookmarks are a good gift. If you’d like to expand on this idea of a gift, you might want to encourage discussion on what they could get and how much it might cost and take up an offering or offer to get it and say it is from the class. The ideas are endless and you could even include gift ideas for shut-ins or those in nursing homes as a means of outreach. Make it a class project.

by Jennifer Botten

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