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Week 1 – Introducing Bethany Bible Puppet Skit

First Bethany (or Billy) Bible skit – intro part 1

Bible Skit
Puppets: Bethany Bible, Sparkle and Mopp
I have the Genesis and revelations books ready to open.
I start talking and then hear loud running sound then crashing books sound behind stage—then Bethany pops up

Bethany Bible: oh, ouch! Uh-oh my

Me: are you right?

BB: me, oh my yes, I’m fine, just a little bruise in in my spine, and a crinkled page or two but I’m really ok. Ohhhhh, Look at all those cute little children-Hello children!!

Me: well hello to you too, but we heard a crash, what happened.

BB: I was just rushing to get here because I heard that there were children here who wanted to learn about me,

Me: About You? No, we are learning about God’s book, the Bible.

BB: I know! That’s ME!!! My name is Bethany Bible, and I just LOVE to talk about myself.

Me: Well, glad to meet you Miss Bib…uh..Bethany, I’m Mrs R and this is Mrs Waugh

BB: and who are all these adorable children

Me: Jam Kidz, tell Miss Bethany who you are

(kids can yell their names)

BB: they are so cute. But lets talk about ME now. Do you know, children, that inside my cover there are lots of smaller books-and I bet you don’t’ know how many
there are…
(puppets Sparkle and Mopp hold up numbers on sticks-66 behind BB……encourage kids to yell out 66))
Wow, you do know, that’s amazing. Yes, I am one big book made of 66 small books.
And do you know that inside every book there are wonderful true stories-and you’ll never guess who they are about
(behind BB hold up JESUS sign, kids can yell out Jesus!)
This is going to be so much fun. We’ll go through my pages one by one and discover all the wonderful things that God put in them just for you
We’ll start with Genesis-can you open that up for me-(open Genesis book) there is so much in this book-it is the …
(hold up “beginning” sign) kids say “beginning”-that’s right it’s the beginning, now let me tell you all about it. Now listen we have a long way to go to Revelations, do you know that Revelations is the last book in the Bible,?
Of course you did! You are such amazing children. But a lot happens between Genesis and Revelations-so we had better get started right now!
Now, in Genesis, God created the earth and everything in it. Animals, trees, people, fish flowers, everything.
Hey, you look a little blank,

Me: Uh, Miss Bethany, I don’t’ think that’s why they are looking a bit blank-you see we don’t’ have time this morning to go over the whole Bible, we just have a few minutes each Sunday, and our bible time is just about up. But it would really be wonderful if you could come back next Sunday, because we really do want to learn all about “you.” Just not all at once.

BB: kids, would you like me to come back and teach you some more?

Kids say yes-I hope

Me: ok, then we will see you next Sunday. Be sure and have a safe trip home, and remember to go a little slower. Bye

BB: Bye bye-see you later (she exits and loud crashing book falling noises are heard, and a distant) “ouch!”

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