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Week 2 – Genesis to Revelation Puppet Skit

Bethany Bible intro skit #2 the Genesis and Revelations

Theme: the first and last (Genesis=beginning, Revelations=revealing or showing something.)
Scripture: Revelations 1:8
Set up: introduction of the book case-show the Pentateuch (books of Moses) and Revelations. (John)
Puppets Mopp and Sparkle hold up word signs behind Bethany when appropriate

I talk about last song and up pops Bethany

BB: Good Morning you adorable children. (children reply) I am so thrilled to be back!

Me: and we are glad to have you back. Aren’t we? (children reply)
Miss Bethany, we would like for you to tell us a bit more about yourself today, before we

BB: (interrupting) OH, I just love to talk about ME! Ok, first of all, you already know
That I am one big book, but I am made up of 66 small books. And the name of the
first book is Genesis, which means “beginning”. Right? (sign-response) you children
are sooooo smart.
Can you tell me what the last book-the 66th book is named? (pause for sign ) Yes-it’s
Re-vel-a-tions. .

Me:: Genesis means “Beginning”, can you tell the children what “Revelations” means?

BB: Of course. It means to reveal something. Or to show or tell someone something.
In Revelations, God reveals to the apostle John many things that will happen in the
future, and God shows John what Heaven looks like.

Me: that is so exciting!

BB: way way exciting! Heaven is too beautiful for words. Now, Will you open up Revelations for me?
(wait for me to open). Will you read 1:8?

Me: sure, Revelations 1:8 “I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, says the Lord.
Which is, and which Was, and which is to come.”

BB: do you know who said those Words? (wait for answer-sign –Jesus)

Me: Genesis to Revelations, the Bible is about Jesus.

BB: that’s RIGHT!! (talk slow-this is important) And the part I love the most-God wanted us-
everyone, everywhere, to know about His Son Jesus, how He loves us and what He did for us, and how we can come to Him. That’s why He gave us the Bible. His Holy Word! I just get goose bumps every time I read my pages-

Me: I know the feeling. Sometimes I get so excited when I read my bible, I just want read
on and on and on….

BB: (interrupting) exactly. So now that we know where the Bible begins,
First book? (wait for answer) that’s right -Genesis. and where it ends, last book?? (wait for
answer) Revelations-yep- lets talk about the other 64 books……

Me: (interrupting) Bethany, I think that is about all the time we have today. So you’ll have to come
back next week to tell us some more,

BB: OK, I have an appointment to get my ribbon washed and curled anyway. I have to keep myself up
you know, after all, I am over 2000 years old. Bye you absolutely wonderful children-I’ll see
you next Sunday………

ME: (to kids) can you all say good by to Bethany Bible?……….(BB exits)

wow, it’s pretty cool learning about the Bible from a Bible-don’t you think?
And something else cool, we finally have our shelf and we added another book . we still have a long way to go before we have all 66, but with Bethany Bible to help, we will have a full book shelf -some day..

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