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Noah’s Animal Cracker Ark

o 2 precut ark shapes per child (just draw the shape of an ark on 2 sheets of construction paper)
o Stapler & staples
o 2 rainbow handles per child (2 strips of paper with lines drawn vertically on each strip so that the children can color the strips in rainbow colors)
o Crayons
o Animal Crackers
o Ziploc Bags (1 per child)Make a boat basket with two ark shapes by stapling the sides and bottom together. Have the children color the boat and the rainbow handles, and then staple the handles onto the boat basket. (Crossing the handles over one another and stapling each end of each handle to the opposite side of the boat makes it sturdier) Fill the boat with animal crackers to take home (put some crackers in the Ziploc bags and place a bag in each boat basket.)

by Angela Simmons

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