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Week 3 – First 5 Books of the Law Puppet Skit

Lesson #3-the Law
Scripture: Deuteronomy 10:12
Set up-have first 5 books on the shelf -and Revelations.
Have signs ready for pupplets to hold up-LAW God’s Words Inspired , Genesis, Beginning
Exocus-Leave-10 Commandments, Leviticus-Worship, Numbers-wonderings,
Deuteronomy-follow the rules

running sounds, books bumping..
BB: (entering, slightly out of breath) Ho good morning good morning, I just love seeing all those cute little faces in the morning. Can I see some smiles? Come on please, big smiles???? Ah that’s better. Talking about me makes me smile and it should make you smile too. Because this is God’s Holy Word, and it tells us how much He loves us, and it that isn’t a reason to smile, I don’t’ know what is!

Me: good morning to you too Bethany, you sure jump right into the subject!

BB: that’s because we have so little time and so much to learn about. Oh, I do love these gorgeous littler children, sooooo cute I just want to hug each one of them…but no time, lets get started,

Me: What are you going to tell us about today?

BB: hmm I think today we should go back to my first 5 books, together they are called the books of the Law. And Moses wrote them. Or rather, God gave Moses the words to write down.

Me: can you slow down just a little, to be sure that the kids understood you?

BB: ok, but you all need to keep up-so little time-so much to learn.
Ok-God inspired Moses —
And do you know what inspired means? (wait for answers) pretty close
inspired means that God told him exactly what to write, it was Moses’ pencil, but it was God’s words. Say that with me “GOD”S WORDS” __________ oh you all have such sweet voices.
Back to my story-my first five books are called ___(wait for children ) that’s right –the “books of the Law”. Perfect , such smart children Look at the book case, and say the books of the Law with me, they are (slowly) Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Me: those are some big words.. how many of you have heard those names before? Why do you think they are called “the Law”? Bethany, can you tell us?

BB: because in them, God tells us how He wants us to live. That’s where we read about the 10 commandments. And many many other rules too. And Holidays, and how God took care if His people and … there are so many stories in the first 5 books of the Bible, that I could not tell you all of them if I took the whole year.

Me: that’s right, the books of the Law are so full of God’s wonders and miracles and Love that I Never Ever get tired of reading them.

BB: and I never get tired of talking about them. First there’s Genesis-Genesis 1:1 starts with “in the Beginning God Created the heaven and the earth. Genesis means ____what___that’s right, I knew you knew that..it means beginning. Wonderful children! The second book on the Law is Exodus-and that means to leave! It’s the story of the children of Israel when they left Egypt. And when he gave them the 10 commandments. It’s very exciting to read all the miracles that God did for His children.
And the third book is Leviticus -that’s a long word. Leviticus is the book of Worship, God teaches His people how he wants them to worship him.

Me: and He still wants us to worship Him.

BB: that’s right-God’s created us to worship Him. How wonderful is that?!
Ok, only 2 books to go-the next one is Numbers-finally, an easy word.
And the story of Numbers is clear, it’s about the wonderings of God’s people as they were learning to become His people. They call it Numbers because God counted all His people. He truly cares about each one of you! He keeps count of You. Isn’t that wonderful?

OK-one more book of the Law to go. Lets say the first 4-Genesis, means beginnings
Exodus means leaving, Leviticus is about worshiping God, and Numbers, the book of wondering, reminds us that God knows who we are and loves us where ever we are..
Say them with me-Genesis,(pause for kids to repeat between each one Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers

Me: I can hardly wait for you to tell us what the last book of the Law is

BB: this is the realy big Word-I’ll say it slowly—–Deu-ter-on-omy . In this last book that Moses wrote, He reminds God’s people about all of the laws that God gave them, and reminds them to follow them always. It’s about following God’s rules. (look to me) will you open Deuteronomy and read from chapter 10 verse 12

(I open Deuteronomy and read verse) And now, O Israel, what does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul,

BB: I get chills when I hear that. I love it. God wants us to worship Him, follow Him, love Him, and obey Him with all of our hearts and souls. But now I’ve been talking so much, I’m exhausted! I’m so tired, will you help me finish this lesson? Oh, you are such helpful children, just marvelous.
Let’s say the books of the Law together.
1. Genesis-beginning
2. Exodus-leaving
3. Leviticus-worship
4. Numbers-wonderings, God knows each one of His children, no matter where they wonder
5. Deuteronomy-follow God’s rules.

Well, last week we talked about Revelations, and this week we talked about the 5 books of the law, so how many books have we learned about (wait) that’s right 6. wonderful
And how many do we have left to go 66-6 = ….60 we have 60 more books to go.,
So I will see you next week! See if you can guess which book we will talk about then..
See all you wonderful children next Sunday! Don’t’ be late, by by

Me. By Bethany. Jam Kids, Bethany talked pretty fast, did you understand what she was talking about? wait for answer-reply accordingly.

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