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Week 4 – Books of History Puppet Skit (part 1)

1st Samuel 16:7b

Bethany bible #4-History part 1 (we had a special event last Sunday, and explained that
add books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth and 1st and 2nd Samuel to the shelf.
Add signs –History
Bethany’s throat was to sore to talk)

BB: Good morning! Look at those precious little faces. I’m so glad to see you all!

ME: Me: Good morning Miss Bethany, is your throat better today.

BB: how sweet of you to ask! yes, I’m good as new leather binding! And ready to get started!
Since it’s been two whole weeks, lets review a bit.
We learned about Genesis, the very first book of the Bible, and that Revelations is the very last book of the Bible. Genesis is in the what Testament? The _ _ _ old, that’s right. And Revelations is in the _____testament?? You children are brilliant this morning. And then there’s the 4 books that follow Genesis-the 5 books of the _ _ _ . yes the LAW. Amazing, memories like elephants.

Me: So, we’ve waited two whole weeks, what are we going to talk about today?

BB: How about a little History?
Oh, were those sighs I heard. Come on now, everyone loves “History” don’t they? (wait for answers) you don’t’? ____ well, I think when we are through with this section, that you all just might love it!

Me: I think I know what you are talking about. And I absolutely love God’s history!

BB: that’s the magic word-it’s GOD’S History. And that means that it is TRUE history. And it is very exciting! Okay, you beautiful darlings-what do you think of when I say the work “history”?

Me: (will help kids answer) wars, and heroes, and mighty kings and beautiful queens and great battles and brave children…

BB: (say slowly-let kids answer if they want to) and giants? And villains? Really bad guys? And really good guys? And and and
Well, the History section of the Bible has all that and much much more! There are 12 -twelve-books in the Old testament that make up the History section. And each book tells amazing stories about God’s People and the way they obeyed, or disobeyed God and what happened because of their decisions. . The History section comes right after the Law section.
Can you look on the shelf and see what the next book is after Deuteronomy is? (wait for answer)
Wonderful intelligent child-yes, it’s Joshua. After Moses went to be with the Lord, Joshua became the leader of God’s people. Joshua loved the Lord more than anything in the world, and he was a very good leader. Some very exciting things happened in the book of Joshua. Whole city walls fell down when he walked around them, among other things.

Now someone tell me what the next book is-that’s right, it’s Judges. God appointed special men to make sure that His people followed His laws. They were called judges. And they certainly had some exciting adventures.
What is the next book named? Ruth! Ruth, what a lovely young lady, what a love story. AAAhhhhhhhh
And did you know that Ruth is Jesus’ Great great great great great great great grandmother?

Me: wow, that’s” great” …somebody tell me what then next two books are called -1st and 2nd Samuel. Who do you think they are about? ___who’s that?_____ do you know Samuel was just about your age when God called his name, and Samuel followed God for the rest of his life.

BB: that’s right! and Samuel was so good at following God, that he got TWO books in the Bible! How special is that?! And that’s not all, because Samuel was so obedient to God, God let him choose the first King to rule over God’s people. And what an exciting story that is!!! Remember Sol? The first king of Israel?

Me: I do, and what was that little shepherd boys name that killed the giant? ________yes, David. If you want to read about David and Goliath, read 1st Samuel!

BB: that’s right. there are just so many wonderful stories about God and His miracles and His special people in the Bible. And especially in the History section. in fact, there’s a special verse in 1st Samuel, would you read it for me?

Me: 1st Samuel 16:7b “for the Lord does not see as a man sees, a man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
What do you think that means?

BB: (wait for answers) it means that God cares about what’s inside our hearts. How we think and feel. And if God doesn’t judge us for what we look like, we shouldn’t just others by their looks either. Well, I’ve talked a whole lot and we still only got thro 5 books of History. Lets see, there are 12 all together, and 12 -5 is _____7!
Next week, more History? Did you know that an 8 year old boy became a king? Come back next week, and meet him, right here! So keep smiling you beautiful little things you-and read your Bible! It’s the most exciting book around! Good bye good bye

Me: bye Bethany, see you next week!
boy Bethany can sure talk fast, can’t she? Someone tell me what books we went over today.
Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1st and 2nd Samuel. Very good! You know, we are just telling you the name of the book and where to find it in the Bible, but you wont’ really get excited about God’s work until you read it yourself. Or have someone read it to you. So go home and start an adventure! Adventure thro History with God’s chosen people!

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