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Week 5 – Books of History Puppet Skit (part 2)

BB#5 History 2 -I & II Kings, I &II Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
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Nehemiah 8:8

(crashing noises)
BB: (off stage) oh, ouch eee
(On stage) oh, uh hello hello-sorry about that

Me; Bethany, what happened?

BB: OH, I was in such a hurry to get here, that I tripped over my ribbon, ouch, bent a couple of pages too.

Me: I thought we talked about you rushing too much? We want to see you, but all in one piece.

BB: I know I know, I just get so excited! I love coming here and I love these wonderful children, and I love telling them about me!

Me: and we love listening to you, don’t we? Kids? But we’d like you and not bandages please.

BB: ok, I promise to be careful. But now lets start. Do you remember what books we talked about last week? Who wants to read them? (pick a name to read the 5 books) your right! perfect! and who can tell me what section of the Bible they are in? (Pick another name) right! HISTORY, you are such intelligent children! But there are 7 more History books in the Old Testament to learn about today. What part of the Bible are they in again? All together—-Old Testament!

Me: so, if we already learned 5 books of History, and you said there are 7 more to learn today, then how many books of history in the Old Testament? (wait for answer-12)

BB: I tell you, these children are brilliant. Ok, gotta get on with my story.
After the book of second Samuel, comes two more books with the same name–first Kings and Second Kings. And what do you think they are about? (wait for answer) yes, they are about ——Kings -kings of God’s people —of Isreal. And there were a lot of them too. There was King David’s son, Solomon, God made him the smartest man in the world. Who knows a story about King Solomon? (wait for answer, make comments like “oh I love that story, and that’s a great one after an answer) There are so many stories about the nation of God’s people, and how after King Solomon died, the people couldn’t agree on who should be king, so the country divided and became two country’s, and although they were all Jews, God’s chosen people, they did not get along at all.

Me: that’s right, and because they were busy fighting each other, and forgetting all about God, and the 10 commandments, both kingdoms ended up being taken over by other bad kings, and the people were taken away and made into slaves.

BB: right, and the next two books, first and Second Chronicles, tell about the same story of the two kingdoms their kings, but from a priests point of view. And how, thro all the bad things that the people did, and no matter how many times they forgot God, He never forgot them. There are a lot of names in this book, of people and places, Chronicles reminds us that God keeps an eye on His children, and He knows every one, where ever they are and even when they are not being very good.

Me: The people were taken into slavery because they disobeyed God. But He loved them and had a wonderful plan for them. He told His plan to special men who would listen to him and they told the people. One of them was Ezra.

BB: and guess what the next book of History is called? (name a child, wait for answer) these children are just amazing! That’s right, Ezra
When God’s people were allowed to come back to their own country and their city of Jerusalem, Ezra taught them how to worship God again. The people had forgotten about God’s laws. Ezra loved God, and he taught the people how to love and obey God too. he rebuilt God’s holy temple.

BB: the next book is called Nehemiah. Can you guess what the man’s name is who wrote this book? That’s right Nehemiah, and you didn’t’ even need a hint! Nehemiah, was a leader and a worker. He rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem, so the people would be safe again. Nehemiah loved God and he loved God’s people.

Me: are we done with the History section? how many books of history are there? (12) and how many has Miss Bethany told us about? Let’s name them,. Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, that’s …11, so there is one more to go

BB: and after all those Kings, now we get to learn about a Queen! And a very beautiful girl she was. Almost as pretty as you darling girls are. She was Jewish, but she lived in a far away land, and the king was about to have all her family and friends, killed. But Esther was very brave and she went to the King, and because the King loved Esther, he did not hurt her people. Through Esther, God saved His children again.

Now all you wonderful little people, there are so many exciting and awesome stories in the history section of the Bible, will you promise me that you will read just one little story this week? Please, for me? If you can’t read yet, ask your mom or dad to read to you. Here’s a verse to remember -who will open the book of Nehemiah 8:8 for me (choose another name)

ME: “They read from the Book of the Teachings of God, and explained what it meant so the people understood what was being read”
God gave us His Word, so we can know Him and Love Him, ask someone to read it to you,

BB: Oh yes, please please read you Bible. And next week, you can tell ME a story! I’ll see you then, by by

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