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Choosing to Care by Praying for Neighborhood Friends

An effective way boys and girls can become involved in ministering to children in their own neighborhoods is through prayer.

Challenge the children to walk or drive with their parents through their neighborhood and select 3 homes where their friends live.  Write down the name and house number.

For 30 days, pray for these 3 families as God directs.  At the end of this time period, go to each of the homes and say: “Our family has been praying for you in a general way.  Is there anything specific we could pray about?”

Or the boys and girls could write letters to the 3 families, indicating they have been praying for them.

Families in the neighborhood who either are visited or receive the letters, will be blessed.  And the boys and girls will never forgot choosing to care through praying.

Submitted by:
Betty Benson Robertson


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