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Redeeming A Generation – Moving Kids from Virtual Reality to Spiritual Reality

The crux of what I wish to focus upon today is birthed out of a passionate vision for recapturing our children’s hearts for our Lord Jesus Christ.

You most surely can recall a moment your eyes were opened to a certain need. It may have been a need in a family in your church, a missionary in need, or even a community in need. The fact is that when God opens your eyes in such a way that your spirit stirs with fervency over that need you can be certain that He wants you to be significantly involved in meeting that need.

This is what has been taking place in my spirit for well over a year. And, as I have conversed with 1,000s of ministry leaders around the world, it has become evident that God is establishing the same vision in their spirits to lead our children into a dynamic lifestyle relationship with Him.

God is opening eyes of people like you and I all around this world for a singular purpose! He wants our children to experience Him in their everyday lives! He wants them to make Him Lord! He desires to show Himself strong through their faith! He wants you to ‘get on board’ and lead your children into such a vibrantly personal relationship with Him that nothing the world has to offer, nor any attack or distraction from the enemy of their soul, will shake them or cause them to stumble. To sum it up, God wants you to “Redeem a Generation!”

Many of this year’s Words of Challenge have focused on this theme, but it is more than a theme. It is more than a cool sounding spiritual subject. I unremittingly believe it is God’s call for us today. He is awakening in us a renewed discernment and understanding that our children must be moved from merely “knowing about God” into a relationship where they more fully “know God!”

I challenge you that if you want to see more lasting results from your ministry, then carefully listen to God’s voice today. How is He directing you to lead your children into a closer relationship with Him? I can tell you first hand that, experiencing who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them, has dramatically enlivened the hearts of the children in my ministry. Throughout this year, God led me to create and implement several practical sharing times in our services. These times of sharing have opened our children’s spirits to more clearly hearing God’s voice in everyday life events.

I pray for God’s voice to be clear in your spirit as you lead His children to know Him.

Rev. Gary R. Linn

Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

Redeeming A Generation Resource Kit
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"For many children, the virtual reality that they experience in their daily computer environments has become more real than the spiritual environment which can and should be taking place between them and God."

"We must lead them to experience what is true reality in God."
- Pastor Gary R. Linn
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  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you for this article. “The fact is that when God opens your eyes in such a way that your spirit stirs with fervency over that need, you can be certain that He wants you to be significantly involved in meeting that need.” All I can say here is “WOW”! I have had such trouble putting this very feeling into words. I have only been able to describe it as ‘overwhelming’… but not. I wholeheartedly believe and serve the same God Moses served. I know He can do anything through me if I am willing to give my all. The word ‘overwhelming’ did not seem to fit. I just could not describe it. You ‘hit the nail on the head’! And…I must also add that it was very encouraging to hear that many are feeling this same calling! Please, everyone, pray for each other and each other’s ministries! I am soooo excited to see what God has waiting around the corner!

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