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Button Blanket Wall Hanging

While doing a VBS in a native community we used this craft for the creation story.

1 square of Black Felt per child
Coloured Felt
White Glue
Rope or String
Glitter Glue


Before the day of the craft: Trace and cut animals out of coloured felt (maybe used the ones mentioned in your story). Cut cord or string so its long enough to hang on the wall from the black felt. If you want to print a message onto the black felt this is a good time (ie God created Animals)

The Day of the craft: Hand out a square of black felt to each child. Let them pick an animal or animals to put on their button blanket. Glue the animal to the black felt. Let the child pick out some buttons and glue them onto the felt. They can decorate with glitter glue it they choose. Glue a piece of the cord or string to the back of the felt so it can be a wall hanging.

Breanne Palmblad


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