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Rain Sticks

We used this craft for a Vaction Bible School our team put on and it was a real hit! This craft went along with the story of Jesus calming the storm.Supplies:

Heavy Duty Paper Tubes (Try asking at your local Fabric Store for old tubes)- They should be about 5 inches longer than paper towel tubes

Nails- make sure there Short enough not to go through both sides of the tube, roofing nails work well

Rice, Lentils, or dried beans

Mack Tack, Shelf Liner



Wrapping Paper or white if you want the kids to colour it


Give each child a paper tube and nails and have an adult supervise as they hammer the nails into the tube.

Cover one end of the tube with a piece of paper and tape around it. Place rice or lentils into the other end of the tube and cover it with a piece of paper.

Wrap the tube in Mack Tack or packing tape or shelf liner and then cover with wrapping paper or white paper.

When you hold the stick up side down it sound like rain.

by Breanne Palmblad

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