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Great Lessons and Activites for Your Halloween and Harvest Festival Events

Are you looking for creative Bible lessons to use in your Halloween activities, Harvest Festival, or Fall Festival?

Children’s Ministry Today has a great selection of lessons and games for your Christian Church holiday services at the www.childrensministry.org website.

For example, the “Fear Not” Service and Combo Kit includes an interactive service featuring games and contests that will keep your kids on the edge of their seats and really drive home the theme verse, “Do not be afraid” as spoken by Jesus in John 14:27!

The ULTIMATE Match-Up Challenge Gameshow includes an extremely creative lesson featuring a gameshow theme where everyone in your class gets a chance to participate in the excitement as you, the host, lead the group through 16 rounds of interactive challenges while powerfully teaching Genesis 8:22 and the Parable of the Sower found in Matthew 13.

There is also the Fall Festival Trunk or Treat Kit which features an Audience Participation Service involving everyone in your room! The lesson focuses on the truth of ‘I do not need to be afraid. God is with me!’ – 21 Games, Award Certificates, etc.

“Why Scream When You Can Shout!?!” Fall Fest Service & Event Day Combo is your opportunity to give your kids all the loudness, fun, and excitement they expect and desire while you effectively accomplish the eternal purposes of revealing how they can live a winning life in Christ!

The interactive mystery-themed service titled “Mystery of Death on the Nile” follows the adventure of Dr. R. Colly Gist while on expedition in Egypt!  His expert team of assistants (your class) will solve several puzzles which give key aspects of the account of the tenth plague that struck Egypt.  As the exploration unfolds, a link between the Passover and the Israelites’ survival is discovered.  An obvious connection is then made to the new covenant in which Christ is our Passover Lamb.

These Sunday School and Children’s Church lessons have wonderful games and attention-keeping ways of teaching spiritual truths to children. You can download these Harvest and Halloween seasoned lessons and games.

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