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Little Gardeners, Too

More simple projects for teaching the creation story.

Bible Reference: Genesis 1: 11-12


Bean Seeds (Make sure these are not the kind that have chemicals on them since the children will be handling the seeds.)

Cotton Balls

quart-sized ziplock bags

narrow masking tape


Have kids wet the cotton balls with water and place 6-8 in each ziplock bag. Drop 2-4 bean seeds into the bag. Make sure the seeds land on the cotton balls. Seal the bags and tape them in a window that has good sunlight coming through it most of the day. Use another strip of masking tape to put the child’s name on his or her bag. In a couple of days, the seeds will sprout. Tell the children that God said Let the Earth produce plants-some to make grain for seeds and others to make fruits with seeds in them. Every seed will produce more of its own kind of plant.

Kids enjoy this type of activity because they can see God’s plan in action happenig right in front of them.

by Melissa Murphy

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