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Week 6 – Review Books of Law and History Puppet Skit

BB-6 review Law and History Esther 14b ” yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Put bandage across Bethany’s head. Read through the skit, find story book pictures, or actions figures or small toys or something representing the Bethany’s stories,a crown for queen Esther, a toy chariot or a picture of fire, a strong man toy for Samson, (below) and put them in the right books.

BB: Hello, hello my little darlings. Oh, what a joy to be back.

Me: Miss Bethany, what is that on your head?

BB: oh, dear, I had hoped you wouldn’t notice. Well, I had a slight accident.

Me: oh–Were you going to fast again? I thought we talked about that.

BB: no no, not that kind of accident. You see, I was visiting some other children, and talking about Me of course, and the kids got so excited that they all wanted to read from my pages and all at once and — and,… and oye-vey! I got such a headache!

Me: that’s a shame, can I get you some aspirin? But wasn’t it great that the kids wanted to read the Bible?

BB: oh yes! – it was awesome!!!!!! I’ll suffer a headache any day for the sake of getting children excited about God’s Word! But a little aspirin couldn’t hurt.

Me: let me look in my purse-here you go

(duck behind stage and make gulping sound)

BB: ah, that’s better
But you know you all precious things are still my favorite children anywhere!
Do you remember last week I asked you to read a story out of the history section of the Bible, did anyone do that? Ms Rodriguez, can you help me? This headache is affecting my vision, I can’t see who is raising their hands.

If there is an answer (ME: sure-(call on who ever) (let me ask questions if
they have a story)

BB: (if someone has a story) (name) I am soooo glad that you
read from your bible this week. That’s a great story.) you are

if there isn’t an answer ME: looks like everyone was very busy this week.

BB:Oh, well, we’re all busy. You are still wonderful children.

BB: now let me tell you about some of the exciting people you could have read about. There was the strongest man in the world, Samson, but he kinda hung out with the wrong crowd and got in trouble, but in the end-he brought done the house-literally! That’s in Judges, chapters 13-16.
And there was the great prophet of God, Elisha, when he prayed God answered. He was surrounded by enemies who wanted to kill him, but he wasn’t afraid. Not at all! But his servant was afraid. Elisha asked God to open his servants eyes, and God did, what do you think he saw?? A WHOLE ARMY OF ANGELS in ————————–CHARRIOTS OF FIRE!! I know he wasn’t afraid of the bad guys anymore. That’s in 2nd Kings, chapter 6.

Me: and speaking of Chariots of Fire-Elijah didn’t have to die to go to Heaven, God sent a chariot of fire in a whirlwind to bring him directly to Heaven! What a ride that must have been. 2nd Kings, 2:11

BB: And Beautiful Queen Esther, she risked her life to save her people. She was very brave. And she has a whole book named after her. And King David, he had all kinds of adventures! 1st Samuel chapter 16 through 2nd Samuel is all about King David.

Me: can you think of other stories that are in the History section of the Bible? Hmmmm how about …the story of Joseph and his colorful coat and the Pharoah of Egypt?

BB: that’s not in the History section! where do you find the story of Joseph

(Wait for answer-if no kid answers,

Me: I know they know, they just forgot-what book should we look in? (ask someone to get a book)
(wait for answer-

BB: that’s it–the story of Joseph is in Genesis!!

Me: yes, and Genesis is in what section of the Bible—Yes the Law. How many books make up the Law section? right 5

BB: these are the most intelligent children ever. And how many in the History sections? (Wait for answer) 11 yes, wonderful!!!

So you see that although the Bible is one book, it has many many stories in it, –and they are divided up so that the Bible will be easier to understand. God had men write these stories because He wants us to know all about Him so we can know how much He loves us, and how we can love Him. He created us to live with Him forever in Heaven, and He gave us the Bible, so we will be able to know, love and accept His Son Jesus as our Lord, so we can be saved from death and sin and go to be with them.
The Bible is the most important Book in the whole wide world! In the whole universe!!!!
Because It is the Holy-Living- True-Word of God!

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