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Week 7 – Books of Poetry Puppet Skit

Bethany Bible #7 Poetry Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

BB- Good Morning you wonderful children! how have you been? Remember last time I was here I asked you to read a story out of the history section of the old testament? Does anyone have a story they can tell me this morning? (wait for answers)

Me- (will depend on answers-will have a little adlib conversation—)

BB- how wonderful you all are. But let get on to “my” next section. How I love talkin’ about “me” —–It’s the POETRY section.   Ahhhh poetry, I just love poetry, God’s poetry.

Me: you know, I think some of the boys out there think that poetry is all about gushy boring stuff. Is that what the Bible poetry is all about?

BB- oh no! the Poetry books tell all kinds of adventures that God’s people had, and they also tell so many many things about God Himself, and Jesus too! Like Job. Can you guess who that book is about? Wonderful smart children! and this is such an exciting book because God actually talks to Job, and tells Job about all the things that He made, including the giant sea monsters and elephants and sun and moon and stars-everything. And Job learns how wonderful and powerful and Holy God is. And How much he needs God! I need someone to put the book of Job in it’s place on the book shelf (choose a child)

Me: thank you, _______. It goes right behind Esther. Job is an amazing story of a man that worshiped the Lord no matter what happened to him.

BB: and then there’s the Psalms. There are so many stories in Psalms, they cover just about every feeling that a person , or a very wonderful little kid–could have, and they tell wonderful stories about God’s character, and His divine power. I never get tired of reading Psalms.

Me: Neither do I. I like to read out of Psalms just before I go to sleep at night.

BB- that is a very good habit to have. And lets see——(pick another name) ______ would you put Psalms on the shelf for me? Thank you, you darling little thing.

Now, lets see, what book is next? Hmmm, I am getting old who can tell me what comes after Psalms? Let me see if I can find it.

(let your arm go down and rest-pretend to be looking for book, make some noise. Wait for me to call you back up)

Me: we found it Miss Bethany, it’s Proverbs!

BB: yes, that’s it-you are all genius’s ! Proverbs is a great little book, it has lots of practical information, like, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” Proverbs 1:7 and other things like “God doesn’t like gossip!” or lies . yep, that’s in there too.

ME- and I like to read a section of Proverbs every morning. It always gives me a good lesson for the day.

BB: that is a great way to start the day. How many of you marvelous children try to read your Bible every day? You know, you should……..now I need someone to put the book of Proverbs on the shelf. ,,,,,,,,,
It goes right after Psalms, very good, so smart these children. And do you know who wrote Proverbs-Solomon, King David’s son.

God gave Solomon the gift of Wisdom, he was the smartest man in the world, and he shares his wisdom with us in the next book—Ecclesiastes, it’s all about how all wisdom in the world, is nothing compared to God’s wisdom. Now lets put that book on the shelf  (wait I’ll pick…….) that’s perfect-now lets see what we added to the shelf today

First there’s ____Job, 1. then ___Psalms, 2. them ___Proverbs, 3. and ____ Ecclesiastics 4. hmmm, is that all the books of poetry in the Old testament, now let me think, seems like one more hmmmm….( I will hold up song of Solomon, wait for kids to yell it out) That’s it, Song of Solomon, it’s the last book in the poetry section. And it is, well, boys sorry, but it is full of the mushy love stuff. You can tell by the name that Solomon wrote it, and it’s a love story, about true love, like the love of the Lord for His church, and His people. Someone help me by putting The song of Solomon on the shelf, and where does it go?______ That’s right! you all are just magnificent, every last one of you!

It looks like our shelf is getting full, but lets see ………

Me: hmm-lets see what we have so far– what are the first 5 books of the old testament called (Law) and then there the next 12 books-that’s the History section. and today we added the ____Poetry section. that’s 22-and we talked about the last book of the Bible, Revelations-that’s 23

BB: And how many books are in the Bible? That’s right 66. so how many do we still have to go? 43! We have a ways to go. So be here next week! And remember, read your Bible every day….and tell me a story when I come back——–good by

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