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Week 8 – Major Prophets Puppet Skit

Bethany Bible #8 – Major Prophets.

BB: Well hello again my darling little children!  and you know that is just a figure of speech.  Some of you are not so little.  But you are still darling!

For two weeks we’ve gone over what we have already learned.  Today, I want to start on some really exciting books-they have so many different stories in them-wonderful, exciting, scary, amazing, miraculous, sad, awful,  all are words that could describe some of the events in the books of the Major Prophets. These books are named after the men who wrote them, ordinary men, who were chosen by God to get messages to His people.  They were God’s messengers-and they spoke His words.

ME: boy Miss Bethany, you really jumped right into it today.  I don’t’ think you even took a breath between sentences.  You must really be excited about the books of the Major Prophets.

BB: I sure am.  And I did get a little ahead of myself.  Let me start over  “Good Morning everyone!”  (wait)  last week I asked everyone to read one story out of the Books of the Bible that we have learned so far.  Did any one do that (wait for me)

ME:   I see some hands-_______  has a story to share

Miss Bethany, wasn’t’ that a lovely story?  (if you know where the story is found, say it, otherwise wait for me or ad-lib)

BB; that was wonderful, but I wish everyone would have had a story to share.  Well, our fist Major Prophet is Isaiah! That sounds like someone we know-doesn’t it?  Ok, everyone stop looking at Isaiah, he’s not the  one we will learn about today. This Isaiah lived a long time ago.   Isaiah told everyone that “salvation comes from God”.  Isaiah is very exciting, and sometimes very sad, because God’s people were not obeying Him, and Isaiah had to tell them.  Do you like for people to tell you when you are wrong,  No you don’t. And the people Isaiah talked to didn’t like it either!

ME: hmmmm.wonder if he was as sweet as our Isaiah?

BB; couldn’t tell you, we don’t’ know much about Isaiah as a little boy. , , ok next is the Prophet Jeremiah.  We used to be a Jeremiah in class, remember?  Well, this isn’t about him, it’s about another of God’s prophets.  Soooo–moving on,  Jeremiah had a lot to say. He was young when God called him to talk to His people.  But Jeremiah was ready to go where ever God led him. And it wasn’t’ always easy.  The next book is one that Jeremiah wrote from his heart, his breaking heart. It’s called Lamentations.  God’s people were prisoners in a far away land, but Jeremiah told them that God’s love was is new every morning.  He gave them hope.

ME: Jeremiah must have loved God very very much, because he loved God’s people so much.

BB: and if you want to see into the future, or into Heaven, read the next prophets book, Ezekiel!

Ezekiel lived in a strange land, where people worshiped strange Gods. But the One True God, our  God, gave Ezekiel some amazing visions!  You should read about them.

ME: Ezekiel is a very exciting book.  And some of  the things that Ezekiel saw in his visions, are coming true today!  How exciting is that?

BB: very!!!! Now can any of you amazing children tell me what the name of the next book is, it’s the last of the major prophets.  And it’s has a story in it about a lions and a fiery hot oven!  Who knows the man’s name that obeyed God, even when it meant he might be killed?  That’s right!  it’s Daniel.  Who knows a story about Daniel?

(wait and comment-be ready to prompt if you need to-mention the lions den, or the 3 men in the fiery furnace. Do you know their names?)

Ok, now I need to see 5 hands -to put the 5 books of the Major Prophets on the shelf.

(choose kids) ok, can you put them in the right order?

Everyone who is sitting down help them out, (wait)  ______________

Oh that was just wonderful, you all are sooooo intelligent and attentive!!

Well, that is the 5 Major Prophets.  But we are certainly not done with the Old Testament yet.  There are still 12 minor prophets to learn hear about next week.  And each one of them has a wonderful story to tell us.  So please everyone read at least one story from the 5 books we learned about today.  Have someone help you but when you come back next week, I want to hear you tell me a story!  Ok?

By now, see you next week, and remember-read your Bible!

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