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Week 9 – Minor Prophets Puppet Skit – part 1

Bethany Bible #9 • Hosea,- ]oel • Amos• Obadiah• Jonah• Micah• Nahum• Habakkuk• Zephaniah• Haggai• Zechariah• Malachi

BB: good morning good morning! My darling children! What a day today is. I hope you took your vitamins this morning, because we have a lot of very exciting books to look at today.

Me: from the way they were dancing to the music during praise time this morning, I think they are up to it.

BB; oh I know, I heard the singing as I was coming in. It was just Heavenly……. And I think I felt the building shaking

How God loves to hear His children praise Him with song and dance. In fact, do you remember a King who danced for the Lord? (wait) yes, it was King David. And what book was that in?? (wait for hands) yes-oh you are soooo brilliant, all of you..it was in Second Samuel 6:14 to be exact! . and in what section of me, I mean of the Bible, do we find Samuel? _______ that’s right , in the History section. Amazing, they are just amazing…..

Me: they sure are, but I think I heard you say we had a lot to cover today?

BB: oh me, oh my, yes we do. Because the next section of me, er..the Bible, has 12 books in it. 12 wonderful, exciting scary, sad, happy, joyful, warning-ful..

Me: warning-ful????????

BB; yes, you know, full of warnings! And Promise–ful!

Me: ok, Miss Bethany, I can see you are excited about these books. And I think the kids are too. Sooooo

BB: soo-lets go! Oh those darling little faces. I just love to see them looking all ready to learn!

First, I said there were 12 books in the section called-the minor prophets. Do you remember another sections that had 12 books? (wait) ___yes, that’s right-the History section.  And one more question, what is a “prophet”? ________________________________that’s right, he speaks for God. Or…. he gives people messages from God. But, above all, he speaks ..Truth! God’s truth.

Me: why are they called MINOR prophets. Are they little guys?

BB; oh my goodness no. They are only called Minor prophets, because they did not write as much as the major prophets did that we looked at last week. And even I don’t’ know a lot about them. But I do know, that just like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, they were chosen by God for a specific purpose, to speak God’s Word, to God’s people.

Me: and they were called at specific times too, right Miss B?

BB: oh yes!! When God’s people needed to hear His voice, God had a prophet ready and willing to give it to them.   Whether they wanted to hear it or not. And (sigh) they usually didn’t’! Not at all like these wonderful little cherubs. I know they always listen with joy to their parents and teachers, when we have to tell them what to do,l and what not to do-right you all????

ME: ok………. Better get back to the Books, we don’t’ want to run out of time.

BB: oh yes, ok my darlings. Here is the first book of the Minor prophets-Hosea..his name means Salvation, and he told the people that they were breaking God’s heart by their disobedience, and they needed to turn back to God and be faithful to Him, because He loved them soooo very very much! And he warned them that they would be punished for their sins against God.

Me: (hold up book of Hosea) and I bet they didn’t’ like hearing that?

BB: oh no, they didn’t’! but Hosea also gave them a promise that God was going to always love them and forgive them when they returned to faithful worship of God. Now, which of you precious children wants to put
Hosea on the shelf? ______very good!

Me: (hold up Joel) is this the next one Miss Bethany?

BB: sure is. And Joel is so very exciting-his name means “Yahweh is God” and he talks about the Day of the Lord, when God will perform mighty miracles
and defeat His enemies, and bless His own dear people with peace and prosperity forever. And who do you think His own dear people are??? _____that’s right-oh isn’t it exciting-we are-if we believe and trust in Jesus we are God’s children! Oh, my dear children , you sweet wonderful things, God has such a wonderful purpose for everyone who loves and obeys Him. I soooo hope that you all will always love and obey Jesus! Because He loves you sooooooo much.

Me: uh, Miss Bethany??? (hold up Amos)

BB: oh dear, my pages are getting all soggy, the words are fogging up. I do get emotional when I think about how much God loves us!! Will _____(name) put Joel in his place on the shelf, and on to the next book-AMOS.

Amos’s name means “burden carrier”. And he carried a heavy burden. He had to tell the rulers as well as the people of Israel that because of their sins against God, and each other, they were going to be punished! even the land, and it was going to be awful! But because God is still a God of love to, there was hope, and when the turn from sin people come back to God, He would forgive them. Oh, there I go again, soggy pages, this makes me so sad, if only the kinds would have been good, and if only the people would have loved and obeyed God, they would not have been punished…(sigh)… But God is so faithful to forgive..  Now, please put Amos in his spot….

Me: (hold up Obadiah)

BB: good ol’ Obadiah. His name in Hebrew means “servant or worshipper of Yahweh.”   You remember that Yahweh is another name for God. Anyway, Obadiah gets to tell the enemies of God’s people that God’s judgment is coming and they are in big trouble! God is all powerful, and He sees everything, and nations who mess with His people will be judged and punished! it’s a very short book but Obadiah says a lot in only 4 short chapters. Now which one of you wonderful little listeners hasn’t had a chance to put a book on the shelf today? Ok ______, please put Obadiah in his spot, that’s right, right next to Amos.

Ok, and next is someone you all know! Can you guess who? Let me give you a hint-“you can’t hide from God”? (if now one answers Jonah, give another hint) how about-a big fish?

Me: (hold up Jonah) they got it Miss B.

BB: of course they did-they are the smartest little wonders I’ve ever seen. You darlings! Ok Jonah, most of you have heard of him. He tried to run away from God and got swallowed by a big fish, who proceeded to take him to exactly where God told him to go in the first place!

ME: that’s right, Hold up your hands if you know the story of Jonah? Great!

BB: wonderful, just wonderful. Jonah’s name means “Dove” in Hebrew, and I guess he thought he could “fly” far enough away where God couldn’t’ find him. But could he??? (wait) of course not. you know better. Can anyone ever hide from God? (wait) no, they can’t-oh, you all are so good at this.
But Jonah teaches us something else, that God cares for the whole world, and everyone, after all, He created the whole world and everyone in it. And most of you know this story, and now you know that the story comes from the book of Jonah, and that Jonah is part of the (wait for answer)_______________ Minor Prophets section of the (wait for answer)_________Old Testament. You are just how wonderful!!!! And you are paying attention !!

Now who’s going to put Jonah on the shelf?________________________ thank you soooo much

ME: (hold up Micah) Miss B, it’s getting late, should this be the last one.

BB: oh yes, the 6th minor prophet. And a good one to end with-I love Micah. He sees the bad things that the people, and the rulers are doing, and tells them that they know exactly how they should behave, they know what they are supposed to do, and they just flat aren’t’ doing it!!! And they are doing what they are not supposed to do! I bet you all will remember this verse-“He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?” that’s Micah 6:8. Can you say it? I know you can! ___________________oh, I just LOVE to hear your sweet voices reading God’s Words. It is music to my ears!

Micah’s name means “who is like God” and wow, that is not a question, because there is no one like our God. Say this with me “who is like our God?” “there is NO ONE like our God!!” oh how divine to hear that-can you tell God how wonderful He is? Go ahead, everyone, shout out to God -tell Him that He is wonderful-(help with words for them to say, like “almighty’ “love” “amazing” “awesome” etc.

Ok, what a wonderful way to end my visit today. I’m just out of breath from praising my God. My pages are all fluttery. I guess someone had better put Micah on the shelf, _____________thank you!

We learned about 6 minor prophets today-can you name them for me? (Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah) oh that’s just wonderful, I mean just glorious. You all make me feel so good —–so haw many minor prophets did I say there were? (12) yes,12-oh, I’m just feeling the love! Ok, last question, so how many do we still need to learn about? (6) oh, amazing, just amazing!!!

Now one last thing before I go. Will you promise to read your bible every day this week. At least one scripture a day, and find it in one of the 6 books that we talked about today. And then when I come back next week, will you tell me what your favorite verse was? Please??

Ok, I gotta run bye bye …
(sounds of crashing or falling and in the distance)

BB: I’m ok……

ME: oh dear, we shouldn’t’ have let her leave with her pages all foggy. She does get so emotional about the Lord. She loves His Word so much!

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