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Week 10 – Minor Prophets Puppet Skit – part 2

Bethany Bible #10-Minor Prophets, part 2 Nahum• Habakkuk• Zephaniah• Haggai• Zechariah• Malachi

(sounds of crashing, bumping)
ME: Miss Bethany? Is that you?

BB: Oh me, yes it is. I don’t remember that wall being there last week.

ME: (sigh) uh..ya..uh… are you ok Miss Bethany? Did you hurt your binding again?

BB: no no, just my pride. And you remember what they say about pride..
Look to kids-all Together: Pride goes before a fall……..

ME: yes, they remember.

BB: (downbeat) wonderful, glad they remembered that.
(back to upbeat) but enough of my ..uh..little problems. We have some big “little” books to check out today. So lets get started-first, what is a prophet ? (wait for answers) ______yes, God’s messengers, People chosen by God to speak His Word. And oh how I love His Word!! You are just marvelous this morning, all of you!

ME: Miss B. what is our first book today?

BB: well, what was our last one last week? (wait for answer) _that’s right, brilliant, and such awesome memories. Now, what did I ask you to do this weed? (wait) __oh,just awesome. So,who has a verse they want to share , but remember, it has to be from one of the minor prophets …….. _________that is just wonderful. Praise God! For all of you!

ME (hold up Nahum)

BB: Nahum, he gets to tell Nineveh that they are about to feel God’s vengeance, because they are really wicked. Raise yoru hand if you know where the book of Nahum goes___ok, wonderful child, thank you so much. Now, lets move on -does anyone know what book comes next

ME: (hold up Habakkuk)

BB: wow, that’s great, you all do know your books-Habakkuk is a prophet with a question. He is upset because he can’t understand how God can let such bad things happen to His people, and how God can use evil nations like Babylon to punish His people. But Habakkuk takes his questions to God, and God answers Him, and gives him a glorious promise—God will save His people, and a wonderful time of peace is coming. Although Habakkuk has to tell the people that a really really bad time is coming to them, he ends his book with a beautiful message of hope. God restored Habakkuk’s faith. You know my little children; you could read the whole book of Habakkuk in about 20 minutes. It is very short, but it has a great message, it is ok to ask God questions. And if you are upset about something, tell God how you feel. BE honest with Him. He will listen, and He will understand. I need someone to put Habakkuk away________oh thank you!!! How precious you all are!

ME: (hold up Zephaniah) this is the next minor prophet. Who can read this name? (wait) Very good,

BB: wow, that is a hard name to say. I’m very proud of how well you all read. And I hope that you are reading your Bible every day too.

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