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Transitional Times

There are times that we need a quick transition OR maybe the adult service is going a little longer than the material you have planned. Here is a great idea that we use occasionally to fill time:

Create a list of Bible Characters or Themes. Write the words individually on a small paper (postcard size or smaller). Put them in a small basket or other container. Have a child volunteer to pick out one of the papers with a word on it. If for example, the word is “Donkey”, they act it out as it relates to a donkey in the Bible. They can use words or not if you choose.

The first child that guesses the right answer is next to act out the next word. It keeps the crowd involved, interested and is lots of laughter & fun!

We also use this same technique and will pick teams of three or four to work on a 10 minute skit. The theme may be, “Welcoming a new child at church.” The team of 3 or 4 come up with the dialog and always do a super job! Their creativity and enthusiasm are contagious!


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