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Baby Chickens (Easter Craft)

Easy cute craft for Spring / Easter that can also be used as an object lesson.

Pink or yellow Styrofoam egg cartons
Yellow Cotton balls
Tiny glue on eyes
orange or yellow felt or construction paper in diamond shapes
Hard boiled egg

Cut egg cartons into 6 sets of 2. Glue one cotton ball in the bottom of one cup, then a second cotton ball on top of that one (making it like a snowman). This top cotton ball is the chick’s head. Glue its eyes on. Then fold the diamond shapes in half to make beaks and glue on. While making this project show the kids the hard-boiled egg. Talk about how the hard-boiled egg is like a person who doesn’t have Jesus in his or her heart. It’s all cold and hard inside, no life or promise of anything from God. As they finish their eggs, tell them that these eggs aren’t hardboiled. They are full of life, like new Christians, just born again. These eggs have a promise of something wonderful in store when the time is right. Have them look at the ‘baby chickens’ and tell them the chickens will grow and have a full life, just like a person who has Jesus living in their hearts and in their lives. Say a simple prayer. Thank you Jesus for living in my heart so that I am full of promise and life.

by Melissa Murphy

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