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Box of Blessings – Celebrating Miracles of God

This is a ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL idea to share with your kids and their parents!  Think of the excitement when all of the families in your church celebrate what God has done in their lives all throughout the year.  This is a great idea to promote at the beginning of each year!

Did you receive Christmas presents this past week?  What was the first one you opened?  I want to pass along a TREMENDOUS thought from a friend of mine.  With the beginning of 2010 just a few days away, this is the perfect time for you to implement this for your family!

Can you imagine opening an entire Box of Blessings for your first Christmas present?  Find a box and keep a small notepad and pen lying next to it.  Keep it somewhere where everyone in your family has easy access to it.  Each time you receive a blessing from God, be sure to make a note of it and drop the note into the box.  (You may need to supersize your box during the year.)

Next Christmas, gather your family together and open your Box of Blessings first.  As a family you can celebrate all the wonderful ways God has blessed each member of your family all throughout the year.

(NOTE: You can adapt this for your Children’s Worship service by creating a box where children place their blessings into the box each Sunday and then, the last Sunday of the year, is focused on celebrating the messages in the Box of Blessings.)

Rev. Gary R. Linn

Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

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