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Stained Glass Fish

My kids enjoy making stained glass fish, you can cut the wax paper to make crosses, windows, or any shape you wish. Fish seem to be the favored critter and this project can be used to go along with Jesus feeding the multitudes with fish and loaves, or the Story of Jesus telling the disciples he will make them fishers of men. Good for ages 6-9


Wax paper
Old broken/short Crayons
Kids Scissors
Construction paper cut into 1/2 strips
Warm Iron (do NOT let children use iron)
Piece of muslin
Ironing board
Piece fo cardboard to go under project and protect ironing board from being damaged by melting wax or crayons.
Let children shave crayons using the inside blade of the childrens scissors. Have 2 sheets of wax paper, approximate to size of ‘object’ you are making, one lying flat on table waxy (sticky) side up. Let children prinkle crayon shavings on wax paper then lay second sheet of wax paper sticky side down over shavings. Carefully move paper to irong board and cover with muslin. Quickly move warm iron over muslin, pressing down so that wax and crayon shavings melt. Allow project to cool then cut out desired shape. Use construction paper strips to frame shape.

Alternate Idea: We’ve also used this project to make butterflies, then glued popsicle/icecream sticks to the stick and glued a black pipe cleaner bent to make a ‘v’ shape then curled the ends to make antennae and glued a magnetic strip (a low temp glue gun is best for this) so the children could put them on the refrigerator door as a Mother’s day gift.

Melissa Murphy

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