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Kids can make their own resurrection eggs!

We’ve all seen the resurrection eggs being sold in Christian book stores and other places. Some of us old timers even remember making our own resurrection eggs before someone was smart enough to market them and sell them in egg cartons! My idea is to have our kids make an object lesson on their own based on the resurrection eggs, so they can go home and share the gospel with their parents, their siblings, their neighbors and their friends at school.

1. Give each child a large size Easter egg. I use ones that are almost see-through so they can see the items inside.

2. As you present the Easter story, perhaps using your own set of resurrection eggs, pass out each item to all the children in the group and have them place inside their own egg (they each end up with only one big egg…not 12 individual eggs.)

3. Objects can include: * a small piece of a branch, or a leaf off a silk plant to represent palm sunday; *a piece of fabric to represent Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, * a dime to represent the 30 pieces of silver Judas was given; * a small nail to represent the nailing Jesus to the cross * a dice for the soldiers gambling for Jesus’ clothes; * a small pebble to represent the tomb, *some cloves for the burial spices; etc. etc. etc. You can think of many more items!

4. For added kid participation, have a different child come up front and read the correlating scripture passage that goes to that item, and have the rest of the class GUESS what their item is going to be that they will put in their egg.

5. Teach them how to tell their friends about Jesus. As they open up their egg, and take each item out to explain its significance, they will end up with AN EMPTY EGG! Wow! I wonder what that means! Hallelujah…He is Risen!!!

Carol Scheevel

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  1. Tina says:

    I’ve used my set of resurrection eggs and the kids like it = but I bet they’ll prefer one of their own. Great idea! Thanks!

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