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Children Involved in Ministering in Real Children’s Ministry

For the past couple of weeks, I shared that we were using the Ultimate Party for a Valentine’s Day outreach. I want to share with you the AWESOME response we had and challenge you in leading your kids in outreach.

1 – Our group of kids personally handed out almost 2,000 Valentine Cards with invitations to our Ultimate Party Sunday.

2 – Our adults got so excited when they saw the ‘Powerful Spirit of Outreach’ the children had that they also got involved. Some adults were stopping by the church mid-week to see if we had extra cards for them to hand out to their neighborhood kids.

3 – Sunday’s service was INCREDIBLE! Sunday night I asked numerous kids independently what they thought about Sunday morning. Without any exception, each and every child answered “It was AWESOME!”

4 – My teen workers were so pumped up after Sunday morning that even Sunday night they were saying, “Let’s do something like this again!”

Though we had all sorts of visitors, and though our attendance count was way up, I want to share with you what has really stirred up my spirit throughout this entire event.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the numbers, prizes, and technical aspects of the events and programs that we miss out on the TRUE JOY of how God is moving in the hearts of our students.

I watched the children become so powerfully motivated in wanting their friends to come hear about Jesus. The week before I preached on “Faith in Action.” I gave the children the practical application of sharing and showing their faith through reaching out to their friends. Not only did they grab ahold of it, they also took off running full speed with it!

The games, fun, prizes, contests, etc… are tremendous tools that have opened the door for God’s Spirit to motivate them from the inside out! As we closed the service this past week, I shared that this coming Sunday we will be playing a “Family Feud”-type of game throughout our service as we explore Olympians from the Bible. The kids literally erupted with cheers! I encouraged them to bring more friends and they responded again with a huge enthusiasm!

To sum up today’s challenge let me say, “It’s great to minister to your students. It is even greater to get your students ministering!

Rev. Gary R. Linn

Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today


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