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What’s Up With Easter?

An easy Easter skit to use with just the kids or for the whole congregation! We rented a bunny costume, but you can keep it simple if you need to with just bunny ears & nose and white clothing. by Jeremy & Brenna Sniatecki

Easter Bunny (EB) enters with Bible, takes a seat in front of audience and opens Bible to read. Adult (M) enters, carrying Easter basket and whistling “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.” M stops next to EB.

M: Aren’t you supposed to be delivering chocolate and hiding eggs and all that this morning?

EB: Normally, yeah, but I found out something about this whole Easter thing…

M: What’s that?

EB: Well, it ain’t about the chocolate.

M: Sure it is!

EB: No! I’ve been doing this a long time and trust me, it turns out there’s more to the story!

M: No way! I thought Easter is about the eggs and the chocolate and little fuzzy baby chicks and all that!

EB: That’s what I thought for a while. But I’ve been doing a little reading, and now I see where things got mixed-up.

M: What do you mean?

EB: Well, what comes to mind when you think about Easter?

M: Hmmm…I gotta say candy. And lots of it!

EB: Hey, who doesn’t like Easter candy? But I like to think of candy and chocolate as way to remember the sweet salvation we can receive through Jesus.

M: Wait a minute—isn’t there a song about a chocolate Jesus?

EB: (confused) I don’t think I know that one…

M: Come on, you know… (sings) “Just a little chocolate Jesus makes it right!”

EB: (laughing) No, that’s “just a little TALK WITH Jesus,” not “just a little CHOCOLATE Jesus!”

M: Oops! (laughs) Now, I’ve always seen pictures of lambs around at Easter. What’s up with that?

EB: Jesus was called a lamb. Do you know why?

M: Um…because he was cute and fuzzy?

EB: No, but because he was innocent and pure, just like a lamb. Once, Jesus was going to see his cousin John, who was a prophet, and when John saw him coming he called out, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!”

M: Wow! That’s really cool. Well, what about Easter eggs?”

EB: Turns out that people all over the world have been using eggs for hundreds and hundreds of years to symbolize new life. And see, in the Bible here it says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ—(that means if anyone believes in Jesus)– he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

M: Very cool! I guess there’s a lot more to Easter than I thought. What about coloring eggs—is that okay?

EB: Well, some of my best friends are chickens, so I feel a little weird about that. But that’s just me.

M: Yeah, I love coloring eggs. I think I’ll keep on doing that but just remind myself what the egg should really stand for. New life.

**Pastor interrupts and suggests that we head downstairs with the kids where we can find out more.**

EB: (to Pastor, exiting) You got it!

M: That sounds like fun! Hey, want to share some of my candy?

EB: Sure, I’ll have some chocolate. But keep me away from the marshmallow peeps. Those little cuties are just plain EVIL!

Both exit

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