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The Battle Against Your Prayer

A great skit to show the impotance of prayer and how the enemy battles against our prayers. by Pastor Paul Anglemyer

A boy or girl
Four Angel Characters
Devil Character

Items needed:
Five swords
Costumes for angels and devil
A sound affect of a phone ringing

Adding intro music and exit music will greatly enhance the performance.

Note: The angels and devil are never seen by the boy because the battle is taking place in the spiritual realm.

Boy comes on stage:

Boy: “My Sunday School teacher said that Corey got in a bad accident yesterday while riding his bike. He said that his parents were very worried. Maybe I’ll pray real quickly and then play my new video game.”

The boy kneels down and begins praying. As soon as he begins praying, the devil comes on stage mocking the boy’s prayer. An angel also comes on stage and the devil and angel begin sword fighting as the boy continues to pray.

Devil: “Oh, just pray a quick prayer Johnny and go play your video game for the rest of the afternoon. (Devil says this while fighting the angel).

The boy stands up and begins to walk away but stops.

Boy: “If I were Corey, I would want someone praying for me as hard as they could. Maybe I’ll pray some more.” The boy kneels down again and starts praying. Another angel comes on stage and begins to join the other angel in sword fighting the devil.

Devil: “Oh, come on Johnny! You don’t need to pray anymore! Praying is boring…your tired…think about your new video game! (Devil says this while fighting the two angels).

Another angel comes on stage and joins the other two in fighting the devil.

The boy continues to pray and soon another angel comes on stage to join the other three. The angels surround the devil. The devil throws down his sword and surrenders.

A phone rings and Johnny jumps up to answer it.

Boy: “Hello, yes this is Johnny…..really…that’s great! Wow! Ok bye. Wow the doctors said that Corey is going to be ok. They said the doctors have no explanation for his amazing recovery! Thank you God for answering my prayer!”

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