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What’s Your Greatest Ambition?

God has placed within you abilities, talents, giftings, and insights that are unique to you and your call.  How are you using them?  Maybe a better question would be, “How would you like to be using them?”

What are your ambitions for life and ministry?  Never let anyone tell you that it is improper to dream or have a desire to go beyond where you are today!  There are some that would try to convince you to remain where you are.  You may even have heard the scripture of where Paul says to be content in all situations used in a persuasive manner to just stay content in where you are at or how you are doing things.

There is also the influence of circumstances to consider.  Many times circumstances tend to dictate how far we allow ourselves to progress.

But I want to encourage you today to dream BIG dreams!  There is a saying that goes, “If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time.”  I cannot count the days that I awake and feel like Jeremiah as he said that he felt as if there was a fire in his bones which he could not hold inside.

It is good to be ambitious!  It is good to want more!  Consider Paul’s words from Romans 15:20 where he says, “My ambition has been to preach the gospel where Christ was not known.”  What a challenge for us!  Paul was dreaming BIG dreams!  Paul had GREAT ambitions!

So, let me ask you.  What’s your greatest ambition?  What fire is bound up in your bones that needs to find an outlet?  If you cannot yet answer these questions, take the time today to seek God’s input on this.

Rev. Gary R. Linn

Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

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