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Are You Content In Children’s Ministry?

Last evening I read something that once again challenged my focus for life and ministry.  Here is a short quote and thought for you to consider today.

“The human mind is an amazing thing in that, whatever it’s looking for, it tends to find.  So, if you’re looking for ugliness, you’ll have no trouble finding it.  If you’re looking for cruelty, again, you’ll find plenty of evidence of that, too.  And if you’re looking for beauty, you’ll be able to find that, as well.” Dr. R. Carlson

God allowed me to be an interim pastor a few years back while a church was experiencing a transition in leadership.  One theme which He led me to direct that fellowship toward was to focus on who they were in Christ, His handiwork in their lives and church, and His call for them.  He wanted them to redirect their focus away from the negative words, actions, and emotions which they were experiencing as part of the change in leadership.  He wanted them to refocus.

Think on this. – Contentment is not complacency!  Contentment is not weakness!  As the Holy Spirit impressed upon Paul to address this subject both in Philippians 4 and 1 Timothy 6, He was instructing believers to keep their focus on Father God, their Source of all they need, their Source of every answer, their Source of strength, and their Source for being ‘more than overcomers.’

Never allow your circumstances to dictate your focus!  Keep your focus on the person of God.  Be alert and attentive to His interaction with you through your life each day!  As the quote above says, keep “looking for beauty.”  Keep looking for the beauty of God’s character and love.  It is active all around you and in you!

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from the frustrations in life and ministry is to keep your focus on God.  One of the most powerful defenses you can have against discontentment is to look for God’s goodness.

I told you what content is not, let me close with telling you what it is.

Contentment is recognizing that the power of God is working through your heart, mind, soul, and spirit to keep you going forward in His strength.  Contentment is a weapon that will crush deception, envy, distraction, and all the fiery attacks against you.

Rev. Gary R. Linn

Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today


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