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Maximize Your Ministry Potential

Let’s say we are sitting together right now, sharing a cup of coffee, and I ask you “Are you achieving your maximum potential in ministry?”  You respond, “I’m not sure.”  So I ask, “What gifts has God placed within you?”, what is your response?  Would you say music, drama, intuitiveness, caring, wisdom, etc…?

Earlier this year, I took a spiritual giftings survey along with a session I was teaching for a group of leaders.  There were several sections to help give insight to one’s gifts and talents.  The first section was a listing of 30 or so statements in which you were to check off the ones that best match your own abilities.  They included statements such as: musical ability: to sing or play an instrument with competence; graphics ability: to conceptualize, picture, draw, paint, or photograph; managing ability: to supervise people to accomplish a task or event; and counseling ability: to listen, encourage and guide with sensitivity.

As I finished the list, almost all of the boxes were ticked.  I realized that I had not been maximizing my ministry potential.  Several abilities I had not used in years.  Now, there are two ways I could have taken that.  The first being regret.  I could have looked at that list and said something like, “Woe is me for I have not had the time to paint, play my instrument, etc…” but that is not what I decided to do.  From within me came a motivation to begin implementing those abilities once again.

So, why bring this to you today?  As I sat reading this morning, I came across a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes which says, “Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us, unplayed.”

Be challenged this very day to make a list of your abilities, talents, and giftings.  Look for ways to incorporate them into your life and ministry.  God has placed them within you to bring joy, completeness, health, and wholeness into your life.  He has given you a certain set of talents to actively engage in your life and ministry!

As we finish our coffee, take out a pen or pencil (or switch over to your ‘NOTES’ app on your phone) and jot a quick list of your giftings.

Maximize your ministry potential; discover new ways to play the music inside of you to the joy of the One who placed it there!

Rev. Gary R. Linn

Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

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