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Interview With Moses

A reporter interviews Moses after his encounter with the burning bush. by Pastor Paul Anglemyer

Interview With Moses

Reporter Good Morning I’m _____________ reporting for B.I.B.L.E. News Center Seven. I happen to be in the desert near the mountain of God called Horeb. It has been reported that a man has been talking to a burning bush.Hello, and what is your name?

Moses My name is Moses

Reporter And what do you do?

Moses Well I used to be the prince of Egypt but now I work in the desert watching sheep.

Reporter Well, we heard that something incredible has happened. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Moses It was amazing! I was watching my sheep in the desert when all of a sudden I noticed a bush that was on fire. I went to get a closer look and noticed that the bush was on fire but it wasn’t burning up!.

Reporter Wow that incredible! Anything else happen?

Moses Yes, as I was staring at the bush it began talking to me!

Reporter A burning, talking tree–I don’t believe it. Are you sure the heat wasn’t just getting to you?

Moses It’s true.

Reporter Well, what did this talking bush say?

Moses It said Moses, Moses!

Reporter The bush knew your name?

Moses Well, it wasn’t really the bush who talking; it was God. God told me that He wanted to rescue His people from Egypt and that He wanted to use me to do it.

Reporter You!? But you’re just a shepherd!! Why would God want to use you?

Moses I didn’t think God should use me either. In fact, I told Him to find someone else to do it. But He said He was going to use me. He even told me how to do some miracles. He said He would be with me and help me.

Reporter Well, there you have it folks– a burning, talking bush and a man with a mission. Until next time, this has been ____________reporting for BI.B.L.E. News Center Seven.

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