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Helping Our Kids Fall in Love With Jesus

What do you believe to be the most important truth that you should be teaching your kids? Do you teach them about God’s plan of forgiveness? Do you tell them how it is important to use their talents and abilities to serve God? Do you focus on the fundamentals of topics like the Fruit of the Spirit and 10 Commandments? Do you help them get to know God and understand who He is?

Some time ago, God began impressing upon me and other leaders around the world to lead our children into an experiential relationship with Him. It was like a wave of His Holy Spirit was moving across the globe guiding children’s ministry leaders, teachers, and pastors to renew their focus of ministry toward children away from solely facts and knowledge toward relationship. Why is this so vitally important? Maybe I can best describe it through a real-life illustration.

Recently, a young man I know accepted Jesus as his Savior. This young man is overflowing with the presence of God in his life. He is so tremendously excited and thrilled to have discovered this love relationship with Christ. What really hits home for me is that this young man has been raised in a very strong Christian family and in some very good churches. I considered carefully that he has been an outstanding example among his peers. He has excelled in both knowledge and practice of scripture. He has been one of the most active members of his youth group and is involved in almost every human video, skit, activity and trip available to him both through the youth group and the other ministry areas. Yet, it was just a little more than a month ago that he realized that, though he was calling Jesus Savior, he was not truly getting to know Him or love Him. Then, during a service at a ministry event outside his church and comfort zone, he fell in love with Christ. The change has not only been obvious, it has been another eye-opening experience for his pastors and leaders in his life. And, I truly believe that his example shouts out a ‘wake-up call’ to everyone in ministry.

There is one thing that stands out more than anything else which will change the lives of the children to whom you minister. Lead them to “LOVE JESUS!” Help them fall in love with their Savior!

This past Sunday in Children’s Church, our kids spent their altar time expressing their love to Christ. It was a beautiful time in God’s presence. It was the second lesson in a series of five that I am doing with the kids. The theme I am presenting each week comes from the questions, “Why do you love Jesus?” and “Do you love Jesus?” I am using the “Dynamic Duos” 5 lesson series as an interactive way to help my kids understand that everything in their lives flows out of their love relationship with God. The Dynamic Duos lessons cover some great fundamental truths such as the 10 Commandments and Fruit of the Spirit. I am then applying each service to show how loving Jesus makes all the difference.

For example, the ‘Life of Joseph – Faithfulness’ lesson illustrates that, when we love Jesus, we will remain faithful to Him even in the most difficult of situations. The Fruit of the Spirit lesson shows us that our love for Jesus is seen by others through our attitudes and actions. Exploring how God reveals Himself through His names in the Who is God lesson leads us to realize that the more we know who God is, then the more our love for Him grows. The lesson titled Your Moral Compass helps us understand that it is easier to follow and actually desire to obey God’s commands when we truly love Him. The Finding My Place in God’s Kingdom lesson motivates us to joyfully use our talents and abilities to serve God in a ministry area because we have a heart that truly loves Him.

It is my belief that you and I can relate most every lesson and topic back to the truth that everything in our lives flows from our love for Jesus. So, let’s do more than just teach our children about God. Let’s guide them closer to Him and help them learn to truly love Him.

Rev. Gary R. Linn

Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today


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