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Bible Book Challenge

Equipment: rope for as many teams as you have with clothespins attached

Either divide children into 2 or more teams working as teams; or work individually

Have 2 children hold the ends of a rope that has snap type clothespins attached to it.  Have the first child stand by the rope with one hand behind his back and the other free to take clothespins off the rope.  Only using one hand and not touching the body, the child takes off one clothespin off the rope at a time, saying a Book of the Bible as he removes the clothespin.  He tries to remove and hold as many clothespins in one hand without dropping any.  When he drops one or if he repeats a Bible book that he already said, his turn is over and the clothespins are counted that he is holding.  If working in teams keep a record of the number of clothespins each person gets and add them all up when everyone on the team has had a turn.  The team or person that took off the most clothespins is the winner.

Geri Selby

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