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The Sin Eliminator

Professor Noodlebrane Skit
By Pastor Paul Anglemyer

Prof. Noodlebrane: (Comes on scene muttering to himself…realizes the children’s presence) Oh, Hi there boys and girls I’m Professor Noodlebrane and your just in time to see my new invention (pulls of sheet revealing his latest invention) I call it the “Sin Eliminator”. Now all I need is a volunteer to help demonstrate how my “Sin Eliminator” works.

(Have a Children’s church leader pick a volunteer from the audience. Professor Noodlebrane then begins to strap the volunteer to the “Sin Eliminator”.)

Leader: Hi Professor Noodleface

Prof. Noodlebrane: It’s Noodlebrane, Professor Noodlebrane

Leader: Oh. (Looking at the “Sin Eliminator”) What is this, another new invention?

Prof. Noodlebrane: This is my latest invention the “Sin Eliminator”.

Leader: Wow! How does it work?

Prof. Noodlebrane: Well I’ve been reading the Bible and it says that God hates sin – sin is doing bad things. Sin separates us from God and keeps us out of heaven. The Bible says that all have sinned… so I have created the “Sin Eliminator”. This machine will eliminate the sin from (Volunteer’s Name) heart by shaking her up a bit at first and then increase until it is violently shaking her up and down until all of his/her sin has been purged after which (Volunteer’s name) will be able to go to heaven and not be punished for his/her sin.

Allow me to demonstrate…(Prof. Noodlebrane begins to operate the “Sin Eliminator”)

Leader: Wait a minute Professor Chicken Noodle!

Prof. Noodlebrane: It’s Noodlebrane, Professor Noodlebrane

Leader: You can’t eliminate sin with a machine! You forgot to read the rest of the Bible. (Takes the controls from Professor Noodlebrane)

Prof. Noodlebrane: Isn’t it true that God hates sin? And isn’t it true that God cannot allow sin into heaven?

Leader: Yes, but somebody has already paid the punishment for our sin and eliminated our sin…

Prof. Noodlebrane: I don’t remember anyone else sitting in my “Sin Eliminator” machine…

Leader: No, somebody came and died in your place…

Prof. Noodlebrane: Who would love me enough to die in my place and take the punishment of my sin…I can’t think of anyone who would do that…well maybe my mother but she’s still alive.

Leader: Well Professor Noodle breath… (opening the Bible)

Prof. Noodlebrane: It’s Noodlebrane, Professor Noodlebrane

Leader: Read what the Bible says in Romans Chapter 5 and verse 8.

Prof. Noodlebrane: (tuning on his head gear) “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Leader: You see Jesus has already paid for our sin, He’s taken our punishment all we need to do is accept what Jesus has done for us.

Prof. Noodlebrane: So Jesus is the “Sin Eliminator”! He died for us so we can go to heaven.

Leader: That’s right Professor Needle Nose

Prof. Noodlebrane: It’s Noodlebrane Professor Noodlebrane

Leader: Once we ask Jesus to be a part of our life and ask him to forgive us for the bad things we’ve done he eliminates our sin so we can go to heaven.

Prof. Noodlebrane: I need to look into this a bit further (exits reading the Bible).

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