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Camp Fundraiser Idea

Need a different and unique method of raising funds for a Children’s Camp or other Ministry activity that requires finance? Try the TV Tithe Tin. by Trevor Wridgway
A few years ago we tried this and it worked really well. So well, that we have used it over and over again.

Basically, the idea is to send out as many money-box cans as possible to different homes to encourage parents and children to collect money to subsidise your ministry event.

Firstly you will need to collect empty softdrink cans. These are rinsed out and left to dry. Design a wrap-around label on a PC that will look attractive and will contain the title TV TITHE TIN and some basic rules, such as:

1. Each day that the television is turned on, please insert a 50c coin into the slot.

2. Coins of larger values will also be accepted by this tin.

3. This tin must be returned to (Name of responsible person and contact details) by no later than (Date on which tin should be returned).

4. All proceeds from this tin will be used towards subsidising the expenses for the upcoming (Details of event).

Now print out the labels on some nice thick paper, cut them to the required size and glue them around the cans to hide the printing on the cans. Next cut out disks from some card, using a hobby knife. The disks should be big enough to fit the top of the can (It works best to trace around the top of the can for the exact size). Cut out a slot in each disk, that will fit nicely over the opening of the cans and glue this onto each can, creating a money-box. These are now ready to hand out to the children to take home. You could also encourage other church members to participate and take a can home to put on top of their television set.

We have had an amazing response as parents have seen the fun side of this fundraiser and have given generously. I have always been totally amazed at how much was in the cans when it came to emptying them. Not only do the parents of non-churched children become involved, but they also have fun telling the kids not to watch too much television as it is going to cost them! (ha ha)

You could even involve the children by getting them to collect cans and do the label sticking excercise as a craft during Sunday School / Children’s Church! If you involve the kids, I recommend that you still prepare the disks before hand as the use of a hobby knife is not recommended for small children.

Don’t forget to send out a letter of thanks to all who participated in this fundraiser, perhaps letting them know how much money was raised. This way you will more than likely get their support, should you ever need to do the fundraiser again.

Happy Fundraising!

Trevor Wridgway – South Africa

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