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Back to School Party

BYOB (Bring Your Own Banana)

Each year we have a back to school bash and each child brings his/her own banana. We either serve individual banana splits or make a giant banana split to share.

We play all kinds of games using bananas and give away school supplies as favors and prizes!

BANANA GAMES: by Angela Simmons

Banana Tag~Two teams face one another, from across the room. Place a banana in the center of the room. Assign a fruit to each team member (each team should have one orange, one apple, etc.). When you call out a fruit, both people (one from each team) who were assigned that fruit race to get the banana. The one who gets the banana runs back to his spot. The other team’s player chases him and tries to tag him before he gets there. Any player who makes it back safely, banana in hand, or any player who tags a player with the banana receives one point for his team.

Banana Split~In this game, one person is it. Everyone else moves around the room trying to conceal a banana while passing it to each other. It tries to figure out who has the banana and tag him while he’s still holding the banana. If the person with the banana is tagged, he becomes it along with the original it. Play continues until one person is left holding the banana!

Banana Relay~Teams pass a banana up their line using elbows only and back down their line using chins only!

Banana Toss~Play like water balloon or egg toss, but use half of a peeled banana. Can be very icky!

Monkey in the Middle~Play just like the original game, but toss a banana instead of a ball!


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  1. Thanks for the ideas. We’re looking for a few things to do in our children’s ministry for a back to school party!

  2. Lindsey says:

    […] Theme: Kids bring their own banana and everyone makes their own banana splits. ¬†Here are some banana games to go with the […]

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