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Memory Verse Fun Cubes

Materials needed: large boxes (all same size), construction or paper in neon colors, glue or tape, black marker Instructions: Print 1-2 words of memory verse on each sheet of paper. (Make letters large and thick) Glue each sheet on one side of each box. Stack boxes in pyramid to display verse in correct order. After kids have had a few minutes to observe the verse and formation of boxes, leader knocks them down and mixes them up. Choose 2 volunteers to work together (I usually get a younger child to work with an older one). Ask them how many seconds they feel it will take them to rebuild the verse. If they think 20 seconds, at the word GO – the audience begins to count down from 20 slowly as the team tries to stack the boxes back in order.

Lots of fun for both the team and the audience. If the team fails, they always want to try again. If they get the boxes in order in the time they thought, the next team is challenged to try to beat that time. (The bigger the boxes, the more fun they seem to have.)

by Carol Koon

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