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Free No Prep Add-On Idea for the “Around the Thanksgiving Table” Service

If you are about to use your copy of the “Around the Thanksgiving Table” complete service this Wednesday in your kids’ clubs or this Sunday’s kids’ church, we wanted to share with you a couple of no-prep ideas which we spontaneously added to the service with great success!

This Thanksgiving service focuses on helping the kids remember 6 aspects of God’s character and their relationship with Him for which they can always be thankful. After each puzzle and its corresponding discussion/teaching, the next main point to be thankful for comes up in the PowerPoint. We decided to turn this part of the lesson, using this main point slide, into a cheer.

For example, using the first point:

1. (Teacher read the point to the class) Our first reason today to be a thankful person is because “God is Good.”

2. Let’s do this as a cheer, shouting it back to me after each question. What is our first reason for which you should always be thankful?

3. (Kids respond) God is Good!

4. When you see the cranberries on the Thanksgiving table, they will remind you of what reason to always be thankful?

5. (Kids respond) God is Good!

6. When you are eating cranberries during your Thanksgiving dinner, you can remember to tell your family that it’s important to be thankful because….

7. (Kids respond) God is Good!

Do this during each of the main point slides. For example, you would do the round of cheers when the second main point slide comes up, “Our second reason today to be a thankful person is because ‘God Always Loves Me.’ ”

After the whole service and alter time was completed, we did the cheers as a review and the kids remembered ALL 6 teaching points! For example,

Okay! Let’s review with our cheers. There are many wonderful things about God for which we can always be thankful. The favorite foods on our Thanksgiving table are memory cues to help you to remember these things to thank God for and to remind your family. (Then proceed with cheers for the six points as follows–)

1. When you see the cranberries, you will be thankful that…
(Kids respond) God is Good! ect.

May this idea add more excitement to your Thanksgiving service!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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