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Where Do You Stand? – A Leadership Memo

So, where do you stand? Usually when you hear that question, it is referring to being on one side or the other of a certain point of view.  Today, I want you to realize that you have a UNIQUE POSITION in which you are spiritually standing in your call of ministry.  The first few verses of Deuteronomy chapter five clearly illustrate this for you.  As Moses speaks to all of Israel, he reminds them that he stood before the Lord for them.  He stood in the gap between the Israelites and the Lord to relay God’s Word to them.  Is not that where you stand?  Yes, it is.

Too often, we let this truth slip from our minds.  We allow the cares of this world, the distractions of life, and the responsibilities of ministry to begin directing our focus and actions.  Our actions and focus therefore become, …should we say, “diluted?”  It is marvelous to be a leader who is tending to the needs of those being led.  It is remarkable to know that the lives of those you are leading are being changed and strengthened.  But the question I wish to pose to you is this, “Are you tending needs without imparting the Word of God?”

You stand in the place between the Lord and the sheep, not as a mediator, but as one called of God to deliver the challenging, life-changing Words of God.  You stand in the place to bring them what will TRULY CHANGE every aspect of their lives.

Realizing where you stand is empowering!  Becoming aware of who you are in Christ and what you are called to do will give you a boldness to continue moving forward.

– Pastor Gary R. Linn


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